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Green marketing campaign offered to dealerships

Wednesday, January 7, 2009 - 00:00


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Traffic Builders, Inc.(sm) is making environmentally friendly direct mail services available to its automotive service customers.

The Automotive Service Marketing firm has launched the We Auto Go Green program, which is the first of its kind in the industry. The program helps Auto Dealer Service Departments communicate valuable service specials to their customers through "green" direct mail advertising campaigns. Traffic Builders says it achieves this by using recycled paper for clients' direct mail pieces and utilizing more forest- friendly mailing processes.

"Caring for the environment and 'going green' is a major concern for automotive manufacturers and consumers alike," says Chuck Patton, president of Traffic Builders. "While manufacturers concentrate on vehicle emissions, hybrid transportation and better gas mileage, many automotive dealerships are just as concerned about sending a green message to their own communities. The We Auto Go Green program gives our clients the best of both worlds — a green solution to which their communities will respond and the direct mail services needed to communicate their dealerships' service features and special offers for their clients."

Going "green" doesn't mean diminished quality or incurring extra cost.

A We Auto Go Green bonus is that paper and print quality isn't negatively affected and there is no additional cost to participate. The most noticeable difference is our dealer clients' awareness that they are doing what's necessary to provide a greener standard for their communities, according to the company.

“I have been working with our partners and providers to utilize a recycled paper stock at a competitive price to fit the average dealerships budget," says Patton. "It has been a long process, but we have made sure that becoming a We Auto Go Green participant provides a distinction that can bring financial value to our clients. Proactive solutions will be what set most dealerships apart from their competition and we just want to show them cost effective ways to compete."

There are more than 100 automotive dealer participants currently signed up for the We Auto Go Green initiative and Traffic Builders has a goal to double this participation during 2009. Dealers can participate by registering on the company's Web site

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