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Interstate Batteries launches new ad campaign highlighting the cost of cheap batteries

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 08:00
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A cheap car battery may cost less at first, but Interstate Batteries’ new creative ad campaign shows it could end up costing a lot more than just money down the road. The campaign, which debuted in early November, takes a comedic approach to show how a less-than-reliable battery can have an unpredictable, and even life-altering, impact.
Two new ads portray different scenarios, but each with the protagonist realizing too late what a cheap battery has cost them in the long run.
A scary movie plotline shows the hero attempting to escape a masked man, but his car won’t start at the turn of his key because of a cheap, dead battery.
An office of workers is celebrating winning a $500 million jackpot lottery—except for the man who missed work the day they bought the tickets due to a dead battery.
The ads each convey the same idea: When you need to be there… or when you need to escape, you need an Interstate. Each ad will also be supported by a paid social media push where the would-be heroes talk directly to the viewer.
The series of ads, which were created and produced by Interstate’s creative agency Firehouse, will run on cable networks nationwide, in cinema and on programmatic TV through March 2019. The campaign’s third ad will debut in late February, completing the series. The ads can be seen here on Interstate’s YouTube Channel.

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