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How can mobile diagnostics improve your business?

Friday, March 16, 2018 - 06:00
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Although many repair shops have a process that involves outsourcing electronic repairs; taking the damaged vehicle to the dealership to have them scan it before and after the repair is not the only option. Other more cost effective and time efficient options are available that provide repair shops with remote access to OEM scan tool diagnostics, operated by certified master technicians. Today’s mobile diagnostic companies employ specially trained certified technicians who use these new technological advancements to determining the existence of diagnostic and electronic damage and repair it. Electronic damage may be present even when it is not detectable just by looking at the vehicle.

Keeping these repairs in-house can save repair shops and insurance carriers valuable cycle time, improve the overall customer experience, meet more guaranteed completion dates and generate additional shop revenues.

Use the experts
Many repair shops lack the in-shop experience to perform today’s complex diagnostic and vehicle electronic repairs. asTech’s suite of full-service mobile repair solutions can provide repair facilities in specified markets with value-driven repair options.  Access to the patented asTech™ device, master technicians, comprehensive scan reporting, combined with hands-on, in-shop mobile services, allows repair facilities to identify all of the DTC’s present but more importantly; to diagnose and actually fix the vehicle’s electronic damage.

Beware the hidden damage
A technician will never be able to determine exactly which repairs a vehicle will need just by looking at the vehicle. Many repair shops do not have the technology to complete a pre-scan. Using the asTech™ device can help the repair shop identify the exact issues before disassembling the vehicle. When the technician performs a diagnostic pre-scan with the asTech™ device, they receive a thorough diagnosis of the damage that includes repair recommendations and a complete listing and explanation of each DTC found.

Reduces repair time
asTech™ Mobile diagnostics saves repair shops time and money as problems can be identified and repaired in-house. The improvement in efficiency and reduction in cost will result in improving customer service.

Using the asTech™ device will reduce service time, fix vehicle issues, and reduce customer comebacks. A repair shop using up-to-date technology, such as the asTech™ device, can drive customer retention by guaranteeing that the vehicle is repaired accurately, efficiently and safely.

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