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A/C components are latest Omnicraft parts for non-Ford/Lincoln repairs

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 07:00
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When it comes to air conditioning components, Omnicraft™ is the smart choice to stay cool. With the introduction of new condensers, evaporators, compressors, accumulators and receiver driers, Omnicraft provides quality A/C parts for non-Ford/Lincoln vehicles.

“Omnicraft is introducing parts for A/C repairs,” said Denise Kora, Ford North America Underhood Manager. “These parts are rigorously tested for durability and performance to meet or exceed industry standards. They are exactly what technicians and shops need to keep customers satisfied.”
Omnicraft A/C parts are approved and backed by Ford Motor Company and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty with unlimited mileage, labor included and no commercial exceptions.* The lineup of A/C components includes:
Omnicraft A/C Compressors:

  • Precision-designed using 3-D coordinate measuring to ensure a precise fit
  • Latest design enhancements on select modules result in decreased power consumption by 9 percent, quieter operation and longer life even in the toughest of conditions:
    • MoS2-coated swashplate – for robust lubrication and low friction properties
    • Five Teflon-coated pistons instead of three – reinforces the center case; allows for smoother refrigerant flow and less energy consumption
    • Built-in discharge muffler – for improved sound dampening
    • Improved center seal lip – for maximum leak prevention
    • Control valves – for regulation of piston displacement and the stabilization of cabin temperature; saves power and fuel consumption
  • Electrical connectors, O-rings and seals included as required

Omnicraft A/C Condensers:

  • Designed to meet optimum heat-transfer/rejection performance requirements
  • Precise dimensional design and production standards help provide a trouble-free installation
  • Designed to help maximize radiator airflow and maintain optimum engine-cooling capabilities
  • Engineering attention to core thickness, fin pitch and tube construction provides optimum performance levels and keeps the A/C running cold
  • Tested to help provide long-life reliability and performance
  • Helium leak test to ensure structural integrity
  • Rugged pressure, vibration and damage resistance tests establish core integrity and surpass real-world driving conditions
  • Systematic quality checks throughout production minimize defects
  • Zinc diffusion layer helps prevent corrosion from severe weather
  • It is recommended that the condenser be replaced if there is ever a failure in which debris has entered the A/C system

Omnicraft A/C Evaporators:

  • Designed for uniform refrigerant distribution and to maximize heat transfer
  • Lightweight space and weight-efficient design are package-engineered to provide optimum performance and a trouble-free installation
  • Designed to help maximize airflow and maintain optimum cabin-cooling capabilities
  • Surfaces designed to help maximize moisture runoff and prevent mold and odors
  • Designed and tested to provide long-life reliability and performance
  • Engineering attention to detail for core thickness, fin pitch and tube construction provides optimum performance levels
  • Helium-tested to ensure structural integrity resulting in the avoidance of leaks
  • Rigorous quality-control processes help minimize defects
  • All O-rings and gaskets needed for proper installation are included
  • It is recommended that the evaporator be replaced if ever there is a failure in which debris has entered the A/C system

Omnicraft A/C Accumulators and Driers:

  • Omnicraft accumulators and driers are designed for optimum performance and meet or exceed manufacturer’s requirements in these key areas:
    • Airtightness
    • Pulse pressure
    • Anti-corrosiveness
    • Moisture absorption
    • Temperature, vibration and pulse resistance
  • Thorough testing helps ensure excellent performance and long life even in extreme real-world conditions
  • Desiccant is tested and assembled in a controlled environment and formulated to help absorb maximum refrigerant moisture
  • Welds are manufactured to remain leak-free and are leak-tested to help ensure reliable operation
  • Nitrogen-filled
  • O-rings and seals included as required
  • It is recommended that the accumulator/drier and corresponding expansion valve be changed whenever the A/C system is opened for service or otherwise exposed to the elements

The list of available parts from Omnicraft is projected to grow to 8,000 for even more customer convenience.

*See seller for limited warranty details. Original purchaser receipt required. Excludes towing. Parts included. Labor limited to two years.
Omnicraft™ is a trademark of Ford Motor Company.

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