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Diagnostics from a distance: Giving your shop a telematics edge

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 07:00
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This is the recorded version of a webinar we hosted (in partnership with Technicians Service Training) on Aug. 15, 2015. The webinar was sponsored by Launch Tech USA, makers of the new telematics device, GOLO.

GOLO allows the independent shop to compete with the OEM telematics offerings by providing them with the ability to perform remote diagnostics using one of three available Launchtech scan tools on their customers' cars. Diagnostics is not limited to the Engine Control module, either. All modules on the vehicle can be accessed, all warning lights/notifications can be cleared and reset, all enhanced data PIDs can be read and recorded. 

Tied to a powerful social and marketing platform, GOLO not only provides peace of mind to your customers and increased efficiency to the shop, it also provides the shop a way to increase customer loyalty.

View the GOLO website at to learn more about the product, or to get information on incorporating GOLO into your business. 

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