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Emissions standards based on California regulations introduced in Iowa House

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 - 00:00


  • Florida adopts California emissions standards
  • Denver's Driving Change program reports emissions have been reduced

Iowa’s House of Representatives will take a look at legislation that could make Iowa’s emissions standards more similar to  those in California.

According to information from the Automotive Service Association (ASA), Iowa State Rep. Nathan Reichert has introduced House Bill 422, which establishes motor vehicle emissions standards for passenger cars, light-duty trucks and medium-duty passenger vehicles beginning with model year 2011. The bill is based on the California motor vehicle emissions standards and is consistent with federal law.

Earlier this year, Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection has adopted the California Motor Vehicle Emission Standards to establish a Florida Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) program.

The bill includes a provision stating: “The (Iowa Environmental Protection Commission) may decline or adopt all or part of the California motor vehicle emissions standards if it determines in writing, based on substantial evidence and after a public hearing, that the emissions standards and a compliance program similar to that of the state of California will not achieve, in the aggregate, greater motor vehicle pollution reductions than the federal standards and compliance program for any such model year.”
To view this legislation, visit ASA’s legislative Web site at www.TakingTheHill.com.

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