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PartsTech unveils voice-interface parts ordering technology at AASA Vision

Monday, April 3, 2017 - 07:00
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Partstech unveiled its vision of the future connected repair shop to aftermarket industry leaders at AASA Vision Conference in Chicago. PartsTech is delivering new technologies to enable the next-generation of communication and connectivity between automotive repair shops and their local auto parts stores or distributors.

Let’s stop the game of telephone.

In the automotive repair space today, nearly 80% of local commercial auto parts orders are still placed via telephone. This creates enormous inefficiency and cost for repair facilities and parts suppliers alike.

“All too often, when a repair shop picks up the phone to order parts, the result is a blind guessing game between the repair shop and the parts counter, “ said PartsTech CEO, Gregory Kirber. “Each side is guessing without seeing the part on the other end of the phone. This game of telephone results in high return rates and lost productive time.”

Connectivity between repair shop and parts counter.

PartsTech has built a new system that improves communication and information flow between the repair shop and parts counter. By embedding voice control and chat within the commercial ordering system, PartsTech simplifies the transfer of information between trading partners.

“We’re working with a very talented team of engineers from MIT to reshape the way repair shops connect and communicate with the part counter.  We are currently testing the voice user interface and chat technology in our lab and will introduce this system to select repair shops and parts stores in the coming year,” Kirber said.

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Video: The Future of Parts Ordering

Intuitive voice control allows you to search and order parts without touching the keyboard – for that matter, there’s no need for a technician to put down the wrench. A technician or service writer can simply say, “PartsTech, I need brake pads for a 2002 Camry.” PartsTech does the rest. A video of the technology can be seen here:

The PartsTech platform allows the repair shop to communicate with the parts counter, right from within the ordering system. This allows the parts counter to immediately see the vehicle and parts the garage is searching for.  More efficient communication with fewer errors: that’s the future of parts ordering.

To try PartsTech for free, visit and create an account.

For more information on the company, and to see our other initiatives, visit

About PartsTech:  PartsTech is a data and e-commerce company that connects you with auto parts stores in your local area, or across the country. Whether you’re looking for a part that you need delivered in 30 minutes, or a hard to find specialty component, PartsTech helps you find and buy parts from distributors and retailers across  North America.

Our mission is to organize all auto parts product data and present it to everyone in the most accurate and efficient catalog and ordering system.  The PartsTech network includes tens of thousands of parts stores and distributors, over 1,300 top brands and over 3 million parts. For more information, visit

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