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New PetraSync Digital Service Menu designed with dealer-inspired features

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 07:00
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Petra Oil Company has announced the launch of a new automotive dealer Digital Service Menu designed with the service manager’s needs in mind. This unique package, christened PetraSync®, combines the most desired service lane features with the convenience and practical application of a tablet.

Compatible with either Android or iPad tablet technology, the new PetraSync® package includes wireless and Web-based applications designed to improve and expedite both the intake of service orders and the comprehensive accuracy of the inspection process.

“All of us are acutely aware of how hectic the service drive can be, especially in the morning hours,” says Arnold Gacita, Jr., National Sales Manager of Petra Oil, “so we wanted to provide an exceptional customer service tool that will streamline the service lane to help keep up with traffic.”

To develop the most effective tool, Petra Oil went straight to the customer. “Prior to software development,” says Gacita, “and with a focus on improving the customer experience and increasing efficiency and speed of service, we surveyed our dealer managers and asked them what they would like to see in a service lane tool.”

With PetraSync®, service advisors can quickly view customer in-dealership service history, access VIN specific OEM data, present pricing menus, perform digital walkaround inspections, present educational service videos and more. The tool will also allow advisor to identify items needing repair, attach notes to the RO, and email their parts department with an alert that a certain vehicle is in service and that specific parts will now be required to service that customer. In addition, to assist in managing the performance of the department, PetraSync® tracks key performance indicators, including closing rates, usage rates, dollar volumes and the most popular types of services and packages.

“Improving vehicle quality translates into longer maintenance intervals, which means fewer visits to the service lane,” say Gacita, “and that means every service visit becomes more important. To help offset this trend, PetraSync® was designed to not only increase speed and efficiency, but to better engage customers so that advisors never miss revenue opportunities.”

For more information on PetraSync® and Petra Oil Company, visit

About Petra Oil Company, Inc.

Petra Oil Company is family-owned and headquartered in Cypress, TX, just outside of Houston. Founded in 2010, the company’s mission is to create automotive maintenance products and services that facilitate superior vehicle performance and provide world-class customer service through automotive dealers, auto chains and independent vehicle repair facilities. To date, Petra has created over 270 offerings and is the fastest growing premium automotive products distributor in the world, delivering Petra Oil branded product to 30 countries worldwide. Since its inception, Petra has continued to build product strength and value through the offering of innovative warranty programs and vehicle maintenance training. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-Petra-61.

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