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Mighty creates animated video series to inform, educate car owners

Friday, March 27, 2015 - 07:00
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Whether it’s the ever-increasing average price of a new vehicle, or some newfound sense of frugality due to the recent economic downturn, people are keeping their vehicles longer. Consistent preventive maintenance has, therefore, become increasingly important for consumers to continue to rely upon their cars, trucks and SUVs for dependable transportation. 

“Car owners today can research virtually everything they need to know about their vehicles online,” said Gary Vann, Mighty Auto Parts Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing. “Because we believe ‘an educated consumer is our best customer’, we’re endeavoring to make them more aware of the servicing needs of all their vehicle’s major systems.” 

To better inform consumers and enable them to make the right maintenance decisions for their vehicles, Mighty has begun to produce a series of educational animated videos. Each video runs approximately two minutes or less and features concise, clear explanations of key vehicle services and how the consumer benefits from having them performed. 

The first eight Mighty educational animated videos have been produced and can be found on the Mighty Auto Parts YouTube Channel at, they are: 

1) What Type Of Oil Do I Need? (1 min. 49 sec.)
This animated video will help consumers understand the difference between conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic motor oils. It also covers high mileage oil and explains the benefits in simple, easy to understand terminology.

2) Should I Follow The Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule? (1 min. 16 sec.)
Every vehicle has a preventive maintenance schedule from the manufacturer. This video explains what services are included, normal and severe use schedules and why it’s important to follow these schedules. 

3) Why Should I Service My Fuel System? (1 min. 30 sec.)
Dirt, carbon and other deposits adversely affect the efficient delivery of fuel. In this animation, consumers will not only learn about the problem, but also ways to deal with it effectively. 

4) How Often Should I Change My Oil? (1 min.)
Changing the engine oil is one of the highest priorities in vehicle maintenance, but do consumers fully understand why? In this video, consumers will learn how often they need to change their oil, as well as why it needs to be changed regularly. 

5) How Do Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Work? (1 min. 57 sec.)
Do consumers fully understand the need to properly maintain their vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System? This video explains what the dashboard TPMS icon means, and the necessity of replacing worn out batteries and sensors. 

6) Do I Need To Have My Battery Maintained? (1 min. 42 sec.)
Even though today's vehicle batteries say they are maintenance free, that is deceiving! Corrosion and dirty battery terminals can create poor connections and cause the battery to lose its charge? Batteries often die in the cold of winter due to damage done to the battery by the heat of summer? This video urges consumers not to wait until their battery dies, but rather get it checked the next time they are in for service. 

7) Should I Have My Transmission Serviced? (2 min. 17 sec.)
Most vehicles have either an automatic or continuously variable transmission (CVT). These complex systems have their own computer and electronic components making servicing them more important than ever. Transmission fluid also needs to be replaced, which is why manufacturers recommend changing the fluid at regular intervals. 

8) Do I Need To Have My Cooling System Serviced? (2 min. 18 sec.)
Vehicles used to have one type of engine coolant which was green. In today's more complex vehicles, manufacturers specify different types of coolant, making it harder than ever to spot leaks or potential problems. This animation helps consumers recognize possible issues with their cooling system, so they can get their vehicle 

Mighty will continue to produce educational animated videos to help consumers better understand their vehicle’s service needs so they may enjoy many more trouble-free miles of driving. 

These and other consumer educational videos are available for use on monitors in shop customer waiting areas through local market Mighty Auto Parts franchised distributors. 

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