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Plans begin to take shape ahead of Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2019

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 07:00
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Preparations have already begun for the next edition of Automechanika Kuala Lumpur, which continues to serve as the ASEAN region’s leading automotive trade fair by connecting the global industry with the most significant domestic players.

The 2019 edition will welcome an expected 300 exhibitors and 8,000 visitors at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia. The country sits within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), whose continually developing automotive industry has recorded a CAGR of 11 percent since 2011[1] What’s more, annual car sales in the ASEAN region are expected to reach 4.9 million units by 2020[2], supporting the view that the area is transforming itself into a global economic and trade powerhouse for the automotive world.

As the host of Automechanika Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sits at the heart of the ASEAN region and is home to numerous global OEM players. The country boasts the third highest motor sales and production figures[3] and is a hotspot for overseas companies to expand their business in the region and to capitalize on the market’s positioning. Facilitating that connection is Automechanika Kuala Lumpur, which will converge leading names from an estimated 18 countries and regions at the 2019 edition. The show will once again feature a comprehensive series of educational fringe events, networking sessions, competitions and business opportunities, reflected through the theme of ‘Sourcing・Training・Entertainment’.

In terms of the fair’s sourcing aspects, its coverage converges multiple industry sectors, such as parts, components, electronics, systems, repair, maintenance, accessories and customizing. Some of the previous edition’s participants include Hock Lee, Launch Tech, Newera, Perodua, Proton, Spandy Tool, UG Electronics, Unipac, Valeo, Wilayah, Yamada, and more.

The brand new Tire Competence product category will also add to the range of sourcing opportunities. Exhibiting companies from the tire sector will be categorized accordingly, allowing fairgoers to easier tap into a plethora of product developments and innovations from the renowned tire sector in Malaysia and beyond.

Ms. Fiona Chiew, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, discussed how the addition of Tyre Competence will benefit the show’s attendees: “Malaysia’s tire market is expected to reach over $2.3 billion by 2022[4] on the back of growing vehicle demands, continued infrastructure development and higher consumer purchasing power. The entire ASEAN region has a well-established tyre sector, meaning its inclusion at Automechanika Kuala Lumpur will naturally benefit those looking to tap into the entire industry’s developments here.”   

Aside from the range of sourcing opportunities, ingenuity is also found in the show’s impressive training and entertainment offerings. One such example is the highly anticipated EMMA (European Mobile Media Association) car audio and tuning competition, whereby vehicles from different ASEAN countries will have the opportunity to demonstrate their most impressive audio installations. The Collision Repair Training workshop will also take place once again, following its successful and beneficial inclusion at the previous edition.

Further show announcements will be made in due course. For more information about Automechanika Kuala Lumpur, please visit the show’s website at, or email the organizers at

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