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After a part receives CAPA certification, on-going checks and periodic reviews of the compliance do not stop. In the final video of our three-part series taking people behind the scenes of CAPA certification testing, Stacy Bartnik explains what happens after a part is CAPA certified.
Technical Service Bulletins – the TSB – is a type of service information an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) releases based on service issues it sees in the field.
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In 2019, Intertek is taking collision repair professionals behind the scenes and explaining CAPA’s testing and certification programs.
Mike Alberry, ProDemand product manager with Mitchell 1, led a video walkthrough recently of processes that can be applied to anyone’s diagnostic process. In essence, he outlined the testing that technicians can and should do for all of their customers’ vehicles.
In “Three Steps to Save: What You Should Be Ordering,” a short video from eBay Motors, the company outlines three steps to boost the budget with commodities and consumables for the shop.
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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or as they’re more commonly known – ADAS, is changing. What you knew how to repair two years ago is changing and growing in number of systems. That's why you need the new webinar from Mitchell 1.
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Click here and watch the Facebook Live with Mitchell 1 at AAPEX that can help you get ready for the accident free car.
If you aren’t using a digital vehicle inspection (DVI) of any kind, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to help your customers and position your shop as a trusted partner for people in your community.
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