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Not keeping safety top of mind makes injury that much more likely
Most of us are aware of the direct costs of a workplace injury, which are items like hospital stays and surgeries. What many people fail to take into account are the hidden costs, also known as indirect costs.
Diesel engine oil has been taken to a higher level of performance with the development of new American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications known as API CK-4 and FA-4, which were officially released for licensing on Dec. 1, 2016.
With system charges getting ever smaller, finding and repairing leaks in the air conditioning system takes on whole new importance.
Meeting the latest diesel emission control regulations would not have been possible without a completely new approach in fuel system design. While the earlier hydromechanical systems were certainly reliable, a new level of precision was required that could only be achieved with computer control of individual injectors.
There are only 4 ways and electrical circuit can fail. Knowing that puts you one step closer to fixing the problem!
Take a look at the new Dodge Ram light-duty diesel.
Caterpillar’s line of mine haul trucks is a good example of how far the off-road equipment industry has come in recent years.

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