Articles by Richard McCuistian

Time and chance work both ways — customers need us, and we need them. Here's series of vehicles — and their owners — in need of help and repairs.
Some people will almost always believe a half-baked diagnosis, and some mistakes are very easily made.
Every job isn’t interesting, but in our line of work, challenges are the spice of life, and it feels good to be a problem-solver. It feels even better to be appreciated, and usually we are, but that isn’t always the case.
So, what damages the cat? Well, engine misfires can lead to overheating and potential meltdown of the substrate. It can be contaminated by silicone sealants (or liquid spray), coolant leaks into the combustion chamber that coat the strata, excessive oil steam blow, and more
The ones that just keep on givin’ sometimes need help.
Whenever we get a vehicle in for one simple service and find a lot of other stuff that needs attention, any well-trained, reliable technician will make a list of the needed repairs for the customer, putting the safety-related ones at the top.
From our side of the service aisle, it’s a foregone conclusion that cooling system service makes a LOT of difference, and it’s a great (and necessary) upsell on vehicles that are in need.
One serious problem cloaks another one to the point that the first fix isn’t the final one — and some customers are more understanding than others.

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