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Have you ever considered just how small a leak the 0.020-inch test represents? And to easily and quickly locate the source of the leak takes more than just one approach. In our August webinar, G. Truglia and I share tips on various techniques you can apply to make finding that small leak a lot easier!
Pete Meier
Congratulations to Bruce Oliver of Chapel Hill, Tennessee! He is our August “ASE Question of the Month” prize winner! Every month, we host an ASE-style question related to a feature article in the current issue of Motor Age. In August, the question was:   HCCI stands for ______________. A.  Homogenous Cylinder Charge Ignition B.  Homogenized Cylinder Charge Insertion C.&
Pete Meier
Hosted by Autologic, and with the support of the WORLDPAC Technical Institute and Carquest Technical Institute, over 200 technicians attended the 2018 National Conference and Tech Sessions (NCTS).
Even if you live in a part of the country where the difference between summer and winter is hardly noticeable, you can still use this time of year to market important maintenance services to your customer.
Pete Meier
Among the management gurus present at the event were ATI’s Matt Winslow, Bill Haas of Haas Performance Consulting, AdvisorFix’s Jeremy O’Neal, Rodger Bland from GEARS magazine, and Danny Sanchez of Autoshop Solutions.
Pete Meier
For the past three events, NACE Automechanika has not only brought world class exhibitors to their attendees; they have also brought the opportunity for world class training as well.
NACE Automechanika
ASA once again hosted its popular Technology and Telematics Forum at the 2018 NACE Automechanika trade show. The six sessions held shared a common theme — the impact Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) were having on both the collision and mechanical repair industry segments and the path these systems were paving on the road to full autonomy.
Technology and telematics forum
ASA and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers feel the time has come to require insurers, through legislation, to allow repairers to follow OEM guidelines and to compensate them for following the OEM process.
Darrell Amberson