Articles by Jim Garrido

Let’s examine different fuel injector timing patterns on both defective and normal systems. Depending on the system and the mode of injector firing, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what is normal.
Faced with a persistent vehicle defect for which you have thoroughly understood, tested and inspected and still come up empty? Flash programming the involved ECU is something that you may want to try.
We will focus on the ECM-based systems in this article, and cover the BCM-based systems in a future article.
Checking for power at panel mounted fuses and relays sounds like a straight forward proposition, right? What follows is some of the information you need to be aware of when playing the find the power game on modern vehicles.
Many shops are delving into ECU programming work these days. Beginning here, we are going to run a series of tips and tricks I have learned that will help you through some rough spots in these programming procedures.
The first time I ran into this doozy of a problem, I was lucky in that a friend and fellow mobile diagnostics professional knew exactly what the problem was. John Thornton out of Chicago saved my bacon on the first one. I have since seen this defect
This month, we will take a look at those devilish defects known as "sneak circuits." A sneak circuit is any defect in a certain circuit or component system that affects another seemingly unrelated circuit or component system. Most of us have experien
This is one timing belt job you don't want to cruise too quickly through. It is extremely common for technicians to misalign the crankshaft and camshaft gear timing because of poorly represented timing mark diagrams in some service information source