Articles by Jacques Gordon

In 1953, after 35 years in business, my grandfather closed his shop and retired. He started as a private chauffeur in 1917 when the chauffeur was usually a mechanic, too. From his time working on his Locomobile to my father's time in the garage to mi
It's a new day for the American automobile industry. In order to obtain loans from the federal government that were needed for immediate survival, the new Chrysler Corporation is now partially owned by Fiat SpA as part of an arrangement worked out in
Earlier this year, AMG chiec Volker Mornhinweg declared the "war of horsepower" is over. This is a bit like Bob Dylan declaring there are no more songs to be written; if it's really true, he's got nothing left to do and we're all poorer for it.
Most people consider diagnostics the biggest challenge in automotive repair. This has been true since the days when a technician's diagnosis relied mostly on finely-tuned senses and years of experience. But unless it's a mechanical malfunction, the t
I just found an old photograph I shot in a museum. It shows a fuel injector protruding into the combustion chamber of a cutaway engine. Things I've seen and learned since that day have made this old picture tell a new story that explains how an old t
We don't think of lead as the environmental threat that it once was, but the use of lead wheel weights is detrimental to society's water supply.
The automotive industry began phasing out lead wheel balance weights in 2003. Progress toward eliminating them completely has been uneven, but there is progress, and you should be seeing changes in your shop already.
The one thing we all want most from our job is the freedom to do it the way we think it should be done. Whether you're sweeping floors or running a multinational corporation, the one thing that provides more job satisfaction than anything else is the