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While it’s tempting to slash your marketing budget, not only should you avoid cutting it during down times, you should actually increase it, and here’s why.
When it comes to the things shop owners want to spend money on, marketing and advertising aren’t typically at the top of the list. But without marketing or advertising, you’ll never generate the revenue needed to fund new tool purchases or staff expansions.
Sometimes, to get a glimpse of our future, we have to look to our past. That might sound as cliché as, “Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it,” but both sayings are relevant
Last month, I wrote about the problem of loss and theft as it pertains mostly to vendors.  But there is a bigger problem area which most of you are already probably aware of: employee theft.
One of the biggest issues facing any business owner is loss. Loss of clients, loss of inventory, loss of quality employees all are potential pitfalls. But one of the biggest problems facing business owners is loss through theft.
The fourth quarter is the time of year to look at what you've spent and plan a budget you can stick to in the coming year.
You’ve probably heard of the Tao of Pooh, The Way of the Dragon and even The Secret.  Now make way for The Value of the Oil Change
The problem with most shops isn’t that they’re not marketing, it’s that they’re not marketing efficiently.