Articles by Bernie Thompson

There's much to learn by sampling what exits the tailpipe!
A relatively new challenge facing technicians is in dealing with the drivability effects of carbon in the intake track and combustion chamber.
It is important to check a wiring diagram in order to understand how the scan tool will interface with the vehicle under test.
Many OEMs are still using the MAF (Mass Airflow) sensor as their primary means of measuring the air entering the engine. Knowing how it does its job makes it easier to know when it isn’t doing its job.
The idea is simple enough: instantaneous combustion, no heat losses and zero friction. At least one manufacturer is ready to put it into production.
VCR, or Variable Compression Ratio, engine designs are now in production. Will you be ready to service these systems?
Sometimes the electrical world is strange and does not work the way one thinks it should. There are many different ways in which to use electric sensing to measure the physical world.
Modern vehicle systems are based on electronic controls over mechanical systems. To diagnose failures within these systems, we must first separate these systems from one another by analyzing the electronic control system. We need to look at a vehicle’s circuits for voltage change over time. This will be accomplished with an oscilloscope.