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  • The use of a mystery shopper is not for the faint of heart, and you must be prepared to fix any issues.
  • For this month's Executive Interview, we offer an excerpt from the Advanstar Automotive Group (AAG) News Network video interview with Jeff Lagges, president of ALLDATA and vice president of AutoZone. For more video interviews, visit
  • Talk is cheap. Actions speak volumes. Read how Downing Street Garage strives to be the successful model of consistent values and ethics.
  • With gas prices hitting new record highs well ahead of the summer driving season, the Alliance to Save Energy said drivers could keep their own fuel costs from reaching record levels with good vehicle maintenance and sensible driving habits. And thes
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  • ORLANDO ? New Jersey retailers of all types have easier access to state contracts now, including automotive needs. The state recently signed a purchasing agreement alliance to purchase automotive parts for its fleet of vehicles from the U.S. Communit
  • ORLANDO — New Jersey retailers of all types have easier access to state contracts now, including automotive.
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  • WORD OF MOUTH probably is one of the many ways you recruit new customers to your bays. According to SCORE, a nonprofit group serving as counselors to America's small businesses, referrals are a great way to boost sales volume.
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  • Service managers' roles have changed throughout the history of the automotive aftermarket, and these important employees now must have well-tuned customer service skills.
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  • The Automotive Service Association (ASA) is launching a campaign aimed at ensuring consumers that independent repair shops are "Open for Business" after concerns have been raised over misinformation surrounding the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repa
  • There's the old saying that goes, "those who can't do, teach." Well, that's not necessarily true. Take the three shop professors who started Certified Automotive Specialists in Glendora, Calif.
  • IF YOU OFFER your employees retirement plans, there is new information from the Internal Revenue Service regarding the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS).
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  • Motor Age: Since gas prices have dropped recently, have you seen more people bring their vehicles in for maintenance? Have you done anything to encourage people to keep up on maintenance?
  • Training new technicians is part of any repair shop owner's job, but some owners warn that assuming any skills an entry level tech might possess can have dangerous results. Recognizing this and the importance of testing in the aftermarket, three orga
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  • Motor Age: Do you do anything to promote preventive winter maintenance? If so, what?
  • It's no military secret that Detroit's economy is somewhere between dead and buried. Thus, the assumption is that most car dealers probably have a second job involving customer surveys asking, "Would you like paper or plastic?" or saying, "You can su
  • The 2008 edition of Motor Age?s Top Shop contest featured a number of qualified entries. Each shop brought something different to the table, and a number of unique business practices shone through. Whether its community service, activity in the autom
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  • Motor Age: Do you do anything to promote preventive winter maintenance? If so, what do you do?
  • Motor Age: Have the longer warranties now offered by most automakers affected your maintenance and repair business?
  • "Best dressed" isn't a normal accolade for the automotive aftermarket, but Rick's Automotive of Springfield, Mo., recently took home that honor from the Automotive Service Association of Missouri/Kansas.
  • LKQ Corp. invites all car enthusiasts to show off their best car project by submitting an entry into its 2013 car calendar contest.