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  • When I see a transmission control module (TCM) inside the transmission, I think to myself, it sure would be nice if they would relocate it externally. 
  • From 2004 to 2006, the Mazda RX8 used a 4-speed, fully electronic transmission from JATCO called the JR405E. Mazda calls it the RC4A-EL transmission. Approximately 48,000 of these cars using this transmission were sold in the U.S. 
  • The author shares his tale of how he has come to know so much about the MINI Cooper continuously variable transmission.
    Motor Age Magazine
  • The information begins with identifying the various versions used, their application and designation.
  • Whether it’s your body transportation or your mechanical transportation, it’s what you put inside that counts.
  • Working on a 1985 M1008 single cab, 8-foot bed tactical 1.25 ton, 4X4 Chevrolet Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle.
    Motor Age Magazine
  • Hyundai has been quite forthcoming with providing technical data for its 6-speed transmission — much of which is required should the need arise to diagnose one of them.
  • Most shops that repair Hondas on a regular basis are well aware that the No. 1 Honda transmission failure is the torque converter clutch.
  • The rings on the output shaft of an RE5R05A ride inside a sun gear shaft. Two of the four rings on the sun gear shaft seal feed pressure to the High and Low/Reverse Clutch. These sealing rings are easily broken if not placed onto the shaft carefully.
  • One common complaint with the AS68RC transmission is that it comes into the shop with a no-forward movement in the D range, but does move in Manual Low. 
  • Dodge RE series transmissions originally began using a simple Park/Neutral Switch as seen in Figure 1. 
  • In 1998, with all AODE/4R70W transmissions, Ford decided to exchange a typical internal wiring harness for a molded circuit board.
  • ATSG frequently receive calls from rebuilders who find the reverse clutch spring retainer snap ring popped out of its groove with RE5R05A transmissions causing reverse clutch failure
  • It’s not unusual to see a 5R55N, S or W type transmission come in to the shop with the overdrive planetary destroyed due to a lack of lubrication. 
  • This deliberate computer abort has at times been confused with thinking there is a problem inside the transmission causing a no move condition. The source of the problem being inside the transfer case is at times overlooked.
  • The design of the OD planetary gear set in the 5R55N, S and W transmissions allows for a 1:1 ratio from the Input Shaft to the Center Shaft until the Overdrive Band comes on and holds the sun gear. 
  • General Motors produced the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle (CUCV, pronounced “cuck-vee”) from 1983 to 1986, with model years of 1984 to 1987. 
    Motor Age Magazine
  • Global powertrain supplier BorgWarner finalized its acquisition of Gustav Wahler GmbH & Co. KG.
  • The new and improved TransTec Global Transmission Guide mobile app features a convenient kit interchange identifying specific overhaul kits for transmission applications through the 2014 model year.  
  • Elgin Industries has received its 13th consecutive supplier award from JASPER Engines & Transmissions, North America’s largest remanufacturer of gasoline and diesel powertrain and drivetrain components. 
    Elgin Industries
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