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  • Changing the sensor and cleaning the connector will fix the problem but if the hose leak isn’t addressed, it will only be a matter of time before this problem repeats itself.
  • BorgWarner supplies its mini direct-acting variable force solenoid (VFS) for General Motors’ global front-wheel drive 6-speed automatic transmission program (GF6). 
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  • Transtar recently unveiled its new website, Transtar1.com, redesigned and retooled with customers in mind.   
  • Our performance inspection is a basic vehicle inspection form that has helped to transform my business and keep the bays full. 
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  • How do you begin to diagnose any problem today’s complex transmissions could throw at you? It might not be as hard as you think. 
  • Whether you have a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a 6R140 (commonly referred to as the Torqshift 6), there is only 1 valve body listed for this transmission. 
  • I don’t know how many times I’ve been driving down the road and a Honda Odyssey van or an Acura MDX will pass by and it sounds like it has a supercharger in it. It’s the transmission, ready for a rebuild at the local transmission shop.
  • There are times in the diagnostic process when it comes down to deciding whether the malfunction is caused by the computer or not.  It’s not so bad to take a chance with the computer if it costs $150 or less dollars. But it’s a big decision when you are looking at $1,200!
  • In this article, attention is given to the DQ250 commonly known here in United States as the DSG 02E gear box.
  • I feel as far as diagnosing vehicles goes resistance usually is the only specification given, and the means of testing the resistance of anything is usually right at hand in most technicians toolboxes. 
  • Technology changes so fast, but there are many fundamentals that remain the same.  Electricity behaves the same way in all cases, thank goodness.
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  • Technology changes so fast, but there are many fundamentals that remain the same.  Electricity behaves the same way in all cases, thank goodness.
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  • One of the most difficult things to diagnose in the automotive electronics world is electrical noise. There are more ways to cause noise, and noise is often classified as different things: distortion, interference, jamming, etc. Just to make it easier to talk about, we will just call it all noise. 
  • Recently, I had a conversation with Bernie Thompson from Automotive Test Solutions were we had a discussion of what it would take to write a program to make just one up-shift. But as you really dig in, there are so many other factors in play. 
  • The Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) returns to Alabama this fall as the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) prepares to host the region’s premier automotive tradeshow Oct. 8-10.
  • There is a very sophisticated traction control system utilizing a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) strategy. Part of this braking system includes an Electro-mechanical Actuating Unit (EMF). That information is important to know.
  • The DSG, or Dual Clutch Gearbox, is a manual transmission using a Mechatronic system to shift the transmission automatically via a double clutch and double input shaft arrangement 
  • With the addition of new part numbers to its Graywerks line of high quality transmission pans, ATP Automotive now offers complete coverage for over 165 million vehicles on the road today.
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  • ATP Automotive has expanded its automatic transmission control products line more than three-fold. 
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  • General Motors 6T70 and Ford’s 6F50 front wheel drive transmissions are similar but definitely not the same. 
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