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  • Rebuilding an automatic transmission is a big job. ATP Automotive transmission rebuild kits are the perfect solution to make transmission overhauls much easier and more efficient.
  • Rebuilding an automatic transmission is a big job. ATP Automotive transmission rebuild kits are the perfect solution to make transmission overhauls much easier and more efficient.
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  • Bar’s Leaks has combined three of its popular stop leak products into a unique new multipurpose formula that can eliminate engine, transmission and power steering system fluid leaks. 
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  • Premature overdrive clutch failure (figure 1), with 45, 545 and 68 - RFE transmissions is a common complaint.  
  • As part of its new brand identity initiative, ATP Automotive has introduced new packaging for its popular transmission filter kits.
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  • When visiting WiWi’s Transmissions in Miami on a hot Saturday morning, there was a 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 with a 6.7L diesel and an AS68RC transmission in failsafe along with a serious delayed engagement into reverse. 
  • GM’s 6L40/50/80 series rear wheel drive transmissions referred to as GM6 may come in to the shop experiencing a complaint of a delayed reverse accompanied with a slipping reverse as well as a flare or slide 2-3 shift. 
  • After a good long test drive to relearn the shift adapts, sometimes a shifting or engagement problem remains. Assuming that there is not excessive wear in the valve body and the linear solenoids are good, the clutch control valves on the valve body can be adjusted to correct these problems.
  • As time has progressed, we are seeing more transmissions having solenoids handling both the shift scheduling and shift feel simultaneously. Performance codes for these types of solenoids have a different approach than say, a shift solenoid being used to just control shift scheduling.
  • BorgWarner supplies its high-performance wet friction technology for Volkswagen’s new hybrid DQ 400e dual-clutch transmission, launching in the 2014 Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3 e-tron.
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  • Audi or BMW vehicles, equipped with the ZF5HP-19/ FL/FLA may exhibit a condition of a firm engagement in the Drive position accompanied with a harsh coast-downshift. This condition will typically get more pronounced when hot.
  • The ZF6HP19, ZF6HP26 and ZF6HP32 are considered ZF-6 speed series Generation or version 1 transmissions.  Consequently, ZF6HP21, ZF6HP28 and ZF6HP34 are considered as Generation or version 2 ZF-6 speed transmissions.
  • This transmission is notorious for solenoid malfunction causing a wide variety of shift complaints. One of which can be harsh garage shifts into gear such as from Park to Reverse. 
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes are no doubt quite helpful when diagnosing a malfunctioning vehicle. Sometimes, when the scan tool reports a never ending list of trouble codes, it might be a bit overwhelming to know where to start.
  • Whether you have a 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a 6R140 (commonly referred to as the Torqshift 6), there is only 1 valve body listed for this transmission. 
  • The good folks at Continental Automatic Transmissions in Bridgeview, Ill., gave me a heads up if a new style 2014 model year 09G transmission now on the road.
  • Four wheel drive Jeep vehicles that use the NAG1 transmission may suddenly have a no move condition. The presence of a noise may or may not be heard when the transmission is placed into gear. 
  • The U140/240 and 150/250 front wheel drive series transmissions has had and continues to have issues related to the quality of shift transitions. Most times resetting the shift adapts after repairs, rebuild or the replacement of a transmission handles the problem. 
  • The programming for the opening day of the Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) added two key pieces with the recent announcement that Micheline Maynard will deliver a keynote on the future of the automotive industry and that Laurie Harbour will lead a supplier excellence panel.
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  • ATSG has had many years dealing with great techs in shops around the world. In diagnosing problems with them, they often times share with us other problems they have struggled with and resolved.
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