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  • A registered professional engineer by training, Jim Dietvorst had a rewarding career as a design engineer. Working for major engineering firms, he designed a wide variety of items, ranging from pumps and turbines to medical equipment. He made it to the ranks of upper management.
  • After servicing the valve body the vehicle exhibits a slipping in Reverse on throttle up as well but this complaint is accompanied with forward movement having sliding shifts.
  • On occasions, solenoids that appear to be similar may be mistaken as identical. Toyota’s U150 series transmission is a good example of this.
  • Through many years of experience diagnosing transmission concerns in shops and on ATSG’s technical help line, a general diagnostic approach has been developed to find that silver bullet as quickly as possible. The list begins with Information. 
  • The owner of one of the top-performing shops in the nationwide chain of Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care centers, Ken spent more than 20 years earlier in his career turning around underperforming stores at one of the nation’s largest big box stores and a leading drugstore chain.
  • April is National Car Care Month and the experts at Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, a nationwide chain that services almost any make or model vehicle, foreign or domestic, is sharing some simple tips with you that it offers its customers to keep their cars in good shape for the spring and summer peak driving season. 
    Car Care Council, National Car Care Month
  • Joe Giovanniello, The Woodlands’ Cottman Man, has been maintaining and fixing engines for more than four decades. 
  • When Don Lenartz took over the Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care franchise here in April, 2005, it was a struggling business. Lenartz, who had been a fleet manager for a major baked goods company for 25 years, had never run his own business. 
  • GM’s 4T80-E transmission primarily used in Cadillac vehicles along with the Aurora, Bonneville and Lucerne vehicles, develop left side axle seal leaks (figure 1).
  • Companies who rebuild torque converters will tell you the hundreds of times their converters are unjustly blamed for a problem. Anything from a no move condition to TCC shudder or slip.
  • 2010 and up Ford Vehicles equipped with the 6F35 transaxle may suddenly exhibit a concern of a harsh application in reverse and or a harsh up-shift into third gear. 
  • It is not unusual for a 2000-2004 Honda or Acura vehicle using a 5 speed 3 shaft style automatic transmission to come in to the shop with the third clutches destroyed. Many times rotational damage of the piston, return spring and spring retainer accompanies the third clutch burn out.
  • When you answer technical questions about automotive lubricants, some of the most recurrent questions are about automatic transmission fluids (ATF) and their applications. Perhaps the most often asked question is, “Do I really need OEM specific fluids?” 
    Pat Burrow
  • Getrag, the maker of several Powershift Dual Clutch transmissions both wet and dry, is beginning to show up for repairs outside of warranty. The most common of them is the wet clutch 6DCT470 in Mitsubishi’s Lancer EVO and Ralli-Art vehicles. Mitsubishi calls this its 6-speed W6DGA transmission, which it matched up with its 2.0L Turbo engine.
  • More than 45 years ago, Ozzie Bombaro's work as a gas station owner included towing broken down cars to be repaired. Many of the cars he hooked to the back of his tow truck had been disabled by transmission or drivetrain problems. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Ozzie saw the business potential in owning a transmission repair shop. 
  • Raybestos Powertrain announces the next generation of the company’s website. The re-engineered site now provides the industry’s most robust parts search features, making it easier than ever for customers to find the exact transmission-related products they require. 
    Raybestos, Raybestos powertrain
  • Some Toyota 4x4 vehicles like the 2007 to 2013 FJ Cruiser or Tacoma may experience what feels like a harsh downshift into first gear only after sitting still in drive. The bump is so pronounced you are looking in the rear view mirror asking yourself, who hit me? 
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has designated April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
  • Transmission malfunctions can be caused by a variety reasons, both inside the transmission and out, according to Wayne Colonna, who presented “Transmission and Drivability Diagnostics” at Automechanika Chicago.
  • CHICAGO — Raybestos Powertrain is setting itself apart from other transmission part suppliers by getting in a groove. The company at Automechanika Chicago is showcasing the Raybestos HT.
    Tschanen Brandyberry
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