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  • A June POWERTRAIN PRO Newsletter entitled “Adding up Pump and Input Shaft Usage” covered parts transitions that took place with the 4L60-E transmission when an Input Shaft Speed Sensor was added.
  • Shortly after a fluid and sump filter change, whether part of a service or overhaul, the transmission begins to exhibit delayed engagements or a no move condition.
  • Owners of 2011 to 2012 Dodge and Jeep vehicles equipped with an RFE transmission might complain of a harsh/audible shift from Drive to Neutral predominately with elevated ambient and transmission and driveline temperatures.
  • Chrysler’s 41TE FWD transmission has been on the road for 23 years now. I remember when they first came into the shop in 1989.
  • Jose Garcia, one of ATSG’s Technical Field Advisors was called out by one of the local shops here in Miami, to help sort out a 2008 BMW 328Xi AWD (E90) problem.
  • After overhaul the vehicle loses both forward and reverse movement. 
  • GM vehicles equipped with the 6L80/90 transmission, built prior to December of 2008 may exhibit a complaint of a flared 2-3 up-shift.
  • Rather than a gear and crescent type of pump, General Motors uses a vein type pump (figure 1 – 4L60-E Pump) in many of their transmissions. 
  • If you are not aware, Honda and Acura transmissions do not shift properly while on a lift with the wheels off the ground.
  • This little piece of history becomes interesting when we consider the similarities seen with transmissions being used in Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Kia vehicles. 
  • Transtar Industries, Inc., a provider of driveline solutions, has acquired the assets of TPS Transmission Supply, a supplier of OE and aftermarket transmission replacement parts.
  • GM Customer Care & Aftersales (GM CCA) is releasing the diagnostic and programming keys essential to repairing and replacing GM 6-speed automatic transmissions. 
  • There can be a certain degree of confusion when it comes to knowing the type of transmission used in Dodge vehicles equipped with either a 5.9L or 6.7L Cummins diesel engine.
  • A 1997 Hyundai Tiburon came to a shop in Chicago with codes P0743 (TCC Solenoid circuit fault) and P0747 (Pressure Control Solenoid “A” circuit fault) stored in memory.
  • A 2008 Mercedes Benz C 300 came into the King Transmission Company shop in Elmhurst Illinois where Max Deese had to repair a noise problem with the transfer case. 
  • When a Honda arrives to the shop with a host of transmission solenoid electrical faults, do not ignore the ELD code.
  • After rebuilding an RE5R05A transmission an engine flare up through the third to fourth shift is observed followed by a neutral or slipping condition in 5th gear. 
  • This article will highlight portions of a seminar I presented concerning shops that choose to service, repair, rebuild or replace hybrid transmissions.
  • Aisin style transmissions are notorious for having failed pressure and clutch control solenoids resulting in various shift complaints.
  • Clutch Volume Index (CVI) is a calculated numerical value to indicate how much volume of transmission fluid was needed to apply a friction element without stroking the accumulator piston. 
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