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  • It is still about 20 years away, but eventually there will be no incandescent lighting found on modern automobiles.
  • One of my favorite clients just walked in. He?s a crusty old curmudgeon who can be abrupt and difficult for just about all of the other 11 months of the year. But, somewhere around mid-October or early November he stops shaving and a miraculous trans
  • The strength in industry fundamentals and end-user demand over the past 24 months — as we have previously written — has led to substantial outperformance, relative to market benchmarks, for publicly traded aftermarket equities, in turn dr
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  • Wholesale clubs have started a culture of exclusivity, and resellers need to give that feeling to their customers to stay successful.
  • Just a few short decades ago, you could name just about any industry and the U.S. was the long-established leader. Today, it is increasingly difficult to find products that are made in America.
  • Just a few short decades ago, you could name just about any industry and the U.S. was the long-established leader. Today, it is increasingly difficult to find products that are made in America.
  • Too bad 2009 had to come to an end. No telling when we can enjoy such a finely tuned recession again. Actually, there's hope. In 2010, credit should still be tight for both businesses and consumers this year, which in turn, will continue to make comm
  • Years ago I told – maybe more like warned – readers that Wal-Mart wanted it all. It wasn’t going to settle for just selling groceries, electronics, sporting goods, furniture, toiletries, jewelry, household goods, furniture, cadavers
  • That headline sums up our business philosophy. It might have some relevance for your business as well. After 73 years in print, we went digital with Aftermarket Business because that's what the market demands. It's simple ? we can provide more inform
  • For a while, the market surge in 2010 seemed too good to be true. But now fears of contagion from the issues plaguing Greece spreading throughout Europe have developed into a general uneasiness for most investors, resulting in meaningful market corre
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  • GM and Chrysler dealership closings are expected to bring an estimated $1 billion into the independent aftermarket.
  • Although the program has boosted sales, BB&T maintains the aftermarket has not been greatly affected by Cash for Clunkers.
  • A recent article from Audatex focused on the growing number of accident claims from deer collisions ? roughly 100,000 accidents each month. It?s interesting because for most of the year, this segment of our coverage group has underperformed relative
  • Investor sentiment toward O'Reilly Auto Parts, as well as many other parts retailers, has grown negative over recent months, in our opinion. From July 30, 2009 (when shares of O'Reilly hit a high of $42.29) until Feb. 9, 2010, the Standard & Poor
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  • Wal-Mart?s ?take no prisoners? approach in dealing with its suppliers has worked well for the world?s largest retailer. As for its suppliers, not so well.
  • The fact that China vehicle sales passed the 10 million mark in 2009, and that sales are expected to reach an approximate 15 million by the end of 2010, is no longer a surprise. As this growth continues, numbers are expected to reach the 20 million m
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  • Correctly identifying clunkers through inspections and building aftermarket strength in Washington are both issues affecting Cash for Clunkers that have been overlooked.
  • The Chicago Board Options Exchange Market Volatility Index (VIX) is a key measure of market expectations for near-term volatility, constructed using options prices on the S&P 500. While the VIX is well off a recent high of 48.20 reached on May 21
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  • Santa has been watching. For the aftermarket, 2009 started with cautious optimism and ended with an overall sense of relief. Resiliency and the industry's overall defensive nature overcame financial crisis. In 2009 it was one of the top performing in
  • We recently upgraded shares of Advance Auto Parts from hold to buy. It?s always tough to gauge the sentiment of the street as investors rely on visibility ? confidence on execution ? and time horizons for some are not always as longterm in nature as
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