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  • Rage is a four-letter word. That means I probably shouldn?t use it as much as I do.
  • This article follows up on Part V of this series (Mergers and the FCPA [August, Aftermarket Business World]).  This article moves to a new area of regulation of key concern to companies in the automotive sector: export controls.
  • One of our outside sales representatives and a close ?professional friend? of more than 25 years walked into the office the other morning, planted himself on one of the counter stools, leaned forward on his elbows and without a moment?s hesitation be
  • We recently hosted an automotive aftermarket Q&A panel discussion in New York, focused on big-picture trends and industry developments with management from companies spanning the entire aftermarket supply chain.
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  • Immediately upon our arrival at the Automotive Aftermarket Product Exposition (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, we had to endure the line at the taxi stand, with the length of wait for a cab generally serving as a pretty good indicator of overall attendance ? if
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  • The telephone rang just a few minutes ago in the middle of a busy weekday, in the middle of a traditionally brutal week, at least here.
  • Last year, the U.S. government imposed record fines in all areas where it regulates exports and international conduct.
  • Dr. Suess suggested that, ?Sometimes the questions are complicated at the answers are simple.? I think he may have been on to something. At least, that?s how it seemed last Thursday.
  • This article follows up on Parts III and IV of this series (Basic FCPA compliance principles [June, Aftermarket Business World] and Dealing with third parties [July, Aftermarket Business World]) to cover the FCPA problems raised by mergers and acquis
  • Who doesn't have at least one moment to spare for a brief survey, especially when that "brief survey" is positioned as a means to better serve the aftermarket and especially when the operative expression is "brief"?
  • Looking back at our August automotive aftermarket investor conference, we would say the sentiment of those management teams participating was positive, perhaps even more so than we would have expected given the deterioration in consumer confidence ov
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  • Twas the night before the 30,000-mile scheduled maintenance, and all through the house, stress was running rampant over dealership clout.
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  • Recently, I was asked to create a presentation for ASA-Texas, an Automotive Service Association affiliate. I was allowed to choose the subject, and I decided upon ?Involvement and Commitment: Risks and Rewards.?
  • ?Building bridges between people and nations by promoting peace through trade and commerce? was the single goal of Nicola M. Antakli, founder and chairman of Intraco Corporation, when he first came to America.
  • This article follows up on Part III of this series, FCPA compliance principles, to deal with the Foreign Corrupt Policies Act problems raised by agents and distributors. Because agents and distributors are used so often by many companies in the autom
  • I had what can only be described as one of the most uncomfortable experiences I?ve ever had just the other day ? uncomfortable, but unfortunately, not altogether that unusual. It is something I fear is indicative of a far more dangerous problem than
  • Midas reported stronger than expected Q2?11 results, with EPS of $0.15 coming in ahead of our estimate and consensus of $0.13 on stronger than expected revenue and gross profit.
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  • Companies that operate abroad are aware that the U.S. government increasingly is focusing on laws that govern extra-territorial conduct by U.S.-based multinational corporations.
  • Some of you may be tired of what you perceive to be our bountiful optimism over the fundamentals of the aftermarket and even our positive inclination on so many of the publicly traded equities in the space.
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  • As we exit another earnings season, results were largely in line with expectations as almost every aftermarket company we follow posted very strong results.
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