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  • Export control and economic sanction requirements have been around for years, but now are taking on increasing prominence in the wake of record-setting fines.
  • Export controls and sanction requirements have been around for years, but are taking on increasing prominence. It is good to be aware of some of the considerations that go into implementing an effective compliance program for export controls regulati
  • C?mon, could there really be anything better than collecting end tabs or box tops? OK ? there are those trusty belt sleeves! And, if belt sleeves don?t capture your imagination, I suppose you could drop a plastic token in a can, or two, or in a bottl
  • Export control and sanction requirements have been around for years, but now are taking on increasing prominence in the wake of record-setting fines. Basic economic sanctions compliance best practices are being adopted by many multinational automotiv
  • One of the most powerful ways to bond with another human being socially, emotionally and psychologically is the sharing of food. As a custom, it goes back to the beginning of time when we first ventured forth out of the cave and sought or welcomed ?
  • ?Ford has a better idea.? That was Ford?s slogan in the ?50s and ?60s. It may have had a better slogan but having better cars certainly was questionable. At the time, most of the cars in the U.S. were domestics on a similar path of mediocrity and pla
  • Well, it?s mid-September as we write this the National Bureau of Economic Research has just announced that the longest recession on record since World War II ?officially? ended in June 2009.
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  • Entering 2010, there was a healthy degree of skepticism within the broader investment community as to whether the auto part retailers would experience another solid year of sales trends given challenging 2009 comparisons.
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  • I?m generally one of those people who believe there is no such thing as coincidence, one of those people who tend to think everything happens for a reason. So, it was no surprise that a good friend of mine ? a highly placed and regarded aftermarket e
  • In recent weeks, we have become increasingly concerned over the potential impacts of higher gasoline prices on aftermarket demand trends, given the meteoric rise of crude oil prices (from less than $90 a barrel in January to a close of $113 on 4/8/11
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  • Most US entities by now are familiar with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The FCPA prohibits US companies and citizens, foreign companies listed on a US stock exchange or any person acting while in the US, from paying or offering to pay, wh
  • Rage is a four-letter word. That means I probably shouldn?t use it as much as I do.
  • This article follows up on Part V of this series (Mergers and the FCPA [August, Aftermarket Business World]).  This article moves to a new area of regulation of key concern to companies in the automotive sector: export controls.
  • One of our outside sales representatives and a close ?professional friend? of more than 25 years walked into the office the other morning, planted himself on one of the counter stools, leaned forward on his elbows and without a moment?s hesitation be
  • We recently hosted an automotive aftermarket Q&A panel discussion in New York, focused on big-picture trends and industry developments with management from companies spanning the entire aftermarket supply chain.
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  • Immediately upon our arrival at the Automotive Aftermarket Product Exposition (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, we had to endure the line at the taxi stand, with the length of wait for a cab generally serving as a pretty good indicator of overall attendance ? if
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  • The telephone rang just a few minutes ago in the middle of a busy weekday, in the middle of a traditionally brutal week, at least here.
  • Last year, the U.S. government imposed record fines in all areas where it regulates exports and international conduct.
  • If industry events have the potential to enrich our lives both personally and professional in such powerful and profound ways, why there aren’t more of us doing it?
  • Companies that operate abroad are aware that the U.S. government increasingly is focusing on laws that govern extra-territorial conduct by U.S.-based multinational corporations.