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  • Will mixing Dex-Cool with common antifreezes create a sludge problem inside today's radiators? Technical Editor Jacques Gordon shares his views.
  • If you really want to know why some shop owners are as cranky as they are perhaps I can help shed some light on the subject. You see I am one. In many cases, they are cranky because they are no longer able to do that which brought them into the indus
  • How does anyone end up in the parts business? It?s certainly not a career path that high school guidance counselors tout, nor is it likely to be advertised on matchbook cover trade school ads. Ask any counterperson how they chose their line of work a
  • The old adage of ?charging what the market will bear? holds true, but sometimes competition can put on unbearable pressure.
  • One of the quickest ways to enrage a repair shop owner or technician, especially a shop owner who was or still is a technician, would be to deny a warranty claim ?NTF: No Trouble Found.? Quite frankly, after a lifetime of effort, it?s an insult.
  • In a time when almost everyone agrees information is power, two of the biggest problems facing the distribution side of the industry revolve around what seems to be an abundance of the wrong information or a distinct absence of the right information.
  • Parts people spend a great deal of time cultivating and working to retain a loyal customer base. After all, without the customer, there would be no reason to unlock the door every morning. But at what point do you say enough is enough with some of th
  • Several of the OEMs continue to open new satellite service facilities to obtain –– get this –– more service business. They have the gall to think that by being in the right place with the right parts they can increase their se
  • In this business, it's critical we speak in the same tongue.