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  • To help determine business trends in May and June, seasonally stronger months, we polled a sample base of 151 automotive parts retailers across the United States, comprised of an almost equal split of stores in the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest and W
  • For those of you who think it's your God-given right to drive what you want, when you want, where you want and as fast as you want, this would be the time to get your thesaurus out to find every name in the book that you want to call me. At the risk
  • Sports fans, rejoice! Now there's an air freshener that allows you to show off your team colors while keeping your car smelling fresh. SportFolio's ProScent air fresheners come in the shape of both college and professional team jerseys and logos and
  • Political action is analogous to war. In a political action battle, you marshal your troops and your allies into coalition forces, deploy weapons and special forces into a campaign that includes skirmishes and battles in which there will ultimately b
  • Our industry is in a state of anxiety. We are worried about about high gas prices, global competition, mergers and acquisitions, counterfeit parts, OEM competition and so on. As bad as the repercussions could be for any one of these issues, they may
  • O 'Reilly Automotive Inc.'s definitive agreement to purchase CSK Auto Corporation may be the most important news of the decade. And it's not because of the obvious, i.e., that the purchase gives O'Reilly the immediate clout in the West and a place on
  • Although weather and the initial spike in gas prices might have negatively impacted trends during the first few weeks of April, recent earnings results and management commentary indicate that trends in May have exhibited marked improvement.
  • While it's hard not to look back at 2006 and worry that as gas prices rise, the aftermarket might edge closer to another period of soft trends and increased deferrals, we think 2007 has been and should continue to prove to be a better year. Yes, gas
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  • New opportunities, like manufacturing, can open doors for a jobber store.
  • Tools and equipment incentives build sales and loyalty with shop owners.
  • A Fond du Lac, Wis., man decided to stop off for a car wash while fleeing a police officer.
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  • In a previous column I wrote about the city of Denver trying to mandate that all motorcycles have OEM exhausts. The law as proposed didn't spell it out in those terms, but in most cases that was the only solution to avoid a citation. In discussing th
  • When comparing one service business with another, the common denominator is the customer. Customers come in all shapes and sizes, with unique perspectives on how things should be done. This is especially true in regards to the everyday events that af
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  • The average amount of money DIYers spent last year almost doubled.
  • If we really mean what we say, we would pay techs appropriately.
  • Almost every day one of my friends, family members or even complete strangers will complain to me about the price of gas. Most of the time, I just respond with a shrug and mutter some innocuous, meaningless response like, "Yeah, it's terrible," or "T
  • Well, the winner of the CSK sweepstakes was finally announced, and, not surprisingly, O'Reilly proposed the winning bid.
  • During our first aftermarket breakfast panel, we heard from senior executives representing the entire supply chain, from the supplier level (Standard Motor Products and CARDONE), to the retailers and distributors (AutoZone and Parts Depot), down to t
  • Intuition would lead most to believe that gas prices in excess of $3 per gallon do not bode well for the automotive aftermarket. We, however, decided to dig a bit deeper than intuition and examine the correlation between gasoline prices and comparabl
  • As we approach midyear, it seems like a lifetime ago that oil prices were hovering below $100 per barrel. True, the economic impact was being felt even then, but today's price levels are certainly unexpected and — many may argue — unjusti