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  • The symbolic low point of our energy policy was last January when President Bush had to virtually beg Saudi King Abdullah for oil price relief. In the Saudi tradition, there was lots of kissing and hugging between the two leaders which, in the spirit
  • Performance brakes remained one of the most popular vehicle modifications in 2008, but the nation's economic downturn threatens to reduce consumer spending on such parts in the new year.
  • Despite a low price point and ease of installation, air filters will be impacted by the U.S. economy, analysts predict.
  • Cerberus, Chrysler's private equity owner, is appropriately named –– at least in the case of Chrysler. Cerberus is the mythological three-headed dog that guards the gates of hell, which is where Chrysler finds itself. Which side of the ga
  • While the future is as uncertain as ever, we do know the consumer's budget has been strained for some time now, and it could get worse before it gets better.
  • People who know me agree I am a fierce competitor. I run my business the same way. Sometimes when I get into a competitive situation, I wonder why I have to defend my products or myself so often, especially considering the proactive approach we take.
  • GM, now facing possible bankruptcy, was once at the forefront of the electric car market with its EV1 model. The company recalled the 1996 vehicle after one year, bowing to pressure from the oil industry and others.
  • Premium gas at minimum price
  • Soaring fuel prices are a main concern for manufacturers and distributors across the aftermarket. This especially affects marketers of vehicle accessories, which are usually are discretionary purchases that are now in decline because vehicle owners h
  • The automotive aftermarket paint category has only two real distinct segments; specialty paints that provide for a complete new look for a vehicle and collision paint where the goal is to match the OEM finish. Although specialty paint is only a small
  • When the Titanic was sinking, the ship's band played on like there was no tomorrow. And for half of those on board that was the case. Turns out that the serene music was a poor substitute for the lack of adequate lifeboats.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, Congress's reaction to recent toy recalls, has unexpected impacts on the automotive industry.
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  • In case you have turned away from the political bickering between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama, you missed out on the automotive aftermarket taking center stage in the national energy debate. When Obama reminded Americans to k
  • Let the "Schadenfreude" party begin! The wave of enjoyment taken from the recent misfortune of new car dealerships has many in the aftermarket almost giddy. Not only are car manufacturers and their dealers in line to have one of their worst years in
  • Domestic automobile manufacturing is teetering on the edge. And what are we worried about?That the domestic car czars took a corporate jet to their Congressional hearings? Yes, it would have been better PR if they would have car pooled in a Chevy Vol
  • Our most recent aftermarket breakfast panel hosted executives representing the entire supply chain, from the supplier level to the distributors and retailers, down to the professional technicians. Panelists noted that challenges facing consumers are
  • The aftermarket is working to put to rest the ghosts of aftermarket past, present and future that haunt the industry in order to move forward with success and profitability. As the ghost of aftermarket past shows, we believe that mounting consumer pr
  • Tony Cristello with BB&T discusses how positive sales growth and performance leave some industry analysts wondering if the aftermarket is feeling the same economic downturn as other industries.
  • We spent our week in Las Vegas walking the floors of AAPEX and SEMA, in addition to meeting with numerous public and private company management teams. It was readily apparent that the slowdown in the macro economy and difficult operating environment
  • There is a fundamental mismatch between supply — current auto manufacturing capacity — and vehicle demand. This situation could boost the aftermarket with longer vehicle lives and higher repair costs.
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