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  • We know that once someone comes into your shop, you’ll do everything you can to generate a happy customer, and make a fair profit. Unfortunately, some customers will put you to the test when it comes to the prices you charge.
    Bob Cooper
  • You will find that small increases will not only be considered acceptable by most of your good customers, but they will allow you to monitor your customer’s acceptance.
    Bob Cooper
  • There's a need to track recalls that the government isn't filling — and that's why independent companies are filling in the gaps with machine learning.
  • To address the technician shortage, first take a serious look at why so few young people are interested in becoming an automotive technician.
    Stephen Cook
  • Ever wonder why your employees don’t do what you ask of them?
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • Constant personnel “replacement” is not personnel “management.”
  • Why can’t we get shops to train employees? That is where the conundrum comes in -- the training that the shops know they need becomes secondary to their immediate problems at hand.
  • Get involved and try new recruitment tactics to fight against the tech shortage.
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • If we do not put automotive repair out there as a viable career option early, making training opportunities highly visible and available to young people graduating from high school today, we might find ourselves in an ever tightening staffing crunch.
  • Should your techs be responsible for recommending maintenance? Should your front counter be responsible? Should your customer be responsible?
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • Create a new role in your shop, the learning manager, who is willing to lead your training efforts and keep the staff on task with shop goals and standards.  
    Chris Chesney
  • Management must focus on building the right culture with the right team and partners in place, because one bad apple employee can spoil the barrel.
  • All of us have been in a position where sales or profits need an immediate boost, and we look for anything that we might be missing in our processes to get back on track.
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • Networking is a key part of your business success. Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you increase your connections and make the most of your networking efforts.  
    Kim Walker
  • We have a ton of new technology coming out to help us run our shops better. The real question is, are we ready enough for it to help us?
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • In my 40 years plus in the automotive business, the one thing that still tears me apart is the slow death of an automotive repair shop. Raising prices to stabilize margins to enable you to operate successfully in whatever type of business model you have chosen can be life or death. 
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • In this column, I intend to bring you new testing techniques, new repair procedures, a few war stories or just sage advice I learn from the collective whole as I continue my travels and interactions with you – our faithful readers. I am also inviting any one of you that have an interesting diagnostic story to share to submit it for inclusion in this column.
    Pete Meier
  • Our own Pete Meier, Director of Training for the UBM Advanstar Automotive Group — which publishes Motor Age — is the guest of honor in a recent podcast for the automotive industry.
    Remarkable Results
  • A purchase decision is based on the value they perceive at the time.
    chris chubby frederick, ati
  • It’s now impossible to ignore how your online reputation plays a role in the public perception of your auto shop.
    Michelle Bizon, Moving Targets