"Finding The Miss"

Finding The Miss:  A Motor Age Training / TST Pay Per View Event!

Thank you for your interest in FINDING THE MISS: Tips and Techniques for Misfire Diagnosis

Hosted by Motor Age technical editor Pete Meier and TST President Jerry "G" Truglia on Saturday, February 21st at 6:00 pm Eastern!                                                  

What’s it all about?

Ever have a misfire you could feel but there was no related DTC set? Ever have trouble isolating the cause of a cylinder misfire? Nailing down intermittent problems a challenge? These topics and more are all part of the material we will cover in this online training opportunity.

This is a pay-per-view event.  Once you have completed your registration information, you will be taken to a payment portal offering two options for your participation in this valuable training opportunity.

  • $39.95:  access to the "live" event and one year of access to the archived recording of the training session*
  • $29.95: access to the "live" event only.
*archived recording of training session will be posted within 24 hours of completion 

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