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International Newsmaker Q&A Stan Mirzayev

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 06:00
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Currently available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico while the company pursues additional multi-lingual international expansion plans, Parts Detect is a free mobile application that allows automotive repair professionals to find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds, according to CEO and co-founder Stan Mirzayev.

“We provide a platform for finding the parts and products you need instantly by location, warranty, quantity and availability. Our focus is to optimize the accuracy and speed of ordering parts so that mechanics and technicians can spend more time focusing on their jobs and customers, says Mirzayev, who recently answered a series of questions posed by Aftermarket Business World.

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Q: What is Parts Detect?

A: Parts Detect is a free mobile application that helps automotive service and repair professionals find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds and have them delivered. We provide a search platform for parts and products and review your options by location, warranty, quantity and availability. Our focus is to optimize the accuracy and speed of ordering parts so that mechanics and technicians can spend more time focusing on quicker job turnaround, better customer service and overall operational efficiency.

Q: How does the system operate?

A: Parts Detect uses the VIN of the car (using a scanner). From there you can enter the part you are searching for and a list of parts available will come up. The list will be based off of which local parts vendors we are working with and which the mechanic has accounts with. It is currently available on both Android Google Play and Apple App Store. We will be launching our desktop version in early 2017

Q: What motivated you to invent this? How did you come up with the idea?

A: My father worked as an automotive repair professional ever since I can remember. In the early 1990s we emigrated to the U.S. from the former Soviet Union. This move created the opportunity to take his expertise to the next level – to own his own repair shop. Since then I’ve grown up in the shop helping out any way I can, from managing customers to taking part in repairs.

Throughout the years it became clear that my father struggled as an independent mechanic, especially communicating and searching for replacement parts locally. Knowing that his customers were always eager to get back on the road, it was up to me to locate replacement parts quickly and at the best price, passing the savings down to our customers.

After years of taking on this responsibility and seeing technology change a light bulb went off! I knew that my father and I were not the only ones dealing with this bottle-necking process in our work flow, and it inspired me to make my mark on the problem. I was determined to help my fellow mechanics by making it available on their smart phones for free. With that in mind, my team and I interviewed scores of mechanics and got very positive responses. From there the Parts Detect team developed the mobile app, and now our mission is focused on finding as many vendors interested in working with us as possible.

Q: How much does the system cost?

A: The mobile app is free to download and use for automotive professionals. Users will need to have current active commercial accounts with participating parts vendors, like AutoZone. Aftermarket and OEM vendors can join our free platform at anytime.

Q: Do vendors pay to be a part of this?

A: No, our philosophy is to pay for performance, not access. We are happy to work with any vendor able to deliver parts to their customers and we sincerely mean that – our engineering team will customize software to work with each individual vendor. With regard to vendor relationships our goal is to help them increase sales by facilitating a smoother, easier parts search. No two relationships with our parts vendors is the same, each Professional Service Agreement is unique and varies in terms.

Q: What industry segments is it designed for?

A: We are currently in our first phase, for automotive repair facilities that have active commercial accounts with national and local parts vendors. We will be launching our second phase in late 2017, which is aimed at helping the general public find parts via another mobile app.

Q: In what markets is it available?

A: We are available for download throughout the whole nation. We currently have active users in all 50 states, coast-to-coast.

Q: Do you have international expansion plans? 

A: Yes, a great advantage of being a mobile platform – we can launch anywhere. Currently we are available anywhere in North America (the U.S., Mexico and Canada) and we welcome international OEM and aftermarket vendors to join our platform. We hope to generate international partnerships moving forward.

Q: Will it be available in multiple languages for international trade?

A: Parts Detect will be available in multiple languages. With the expansion into Mexico, we will be focusing on a Spanish version first.

Q: Which vendors are available?

A: Currently we have fully integrated with AutoZone and are in talks with regional as well as national parts vendors.

Q: How are payments processed?

A: Parts Detect does not handle any kind of transferring, credit or e-commerce of any kind. Customers with active commercial accounts will have their credit accounts charged by the vendor after placing an order through the Parts Detect mobile app.

Q: Can this be used for industry training purposes?

A: Yes, those who are new to the industry will get a sense of how complex and specific each car part is and how much detail must go into design in order for it to safely work with a particular model car. Having an unlimited range of inventory in the palm of their hands will give them the confidence that they can indeed find what they need in a pinch.

Q: How can students benefit by using it?

A: Students might be able to benefit by highlighting their tech savvy. They will be able to see the replacement parts from different angles. We incorporate 3-6 images from different angles of one particular part. We also give a keynote description of the part being displayed.

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