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The heartbeat of the transmission

How solenoid, hydraulic interaction achieves a specific gear and diagnostic tips
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 07:00
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Solenoid characterization may also be performed to "refresh" characterization data. To perform solenoid characterization after a transmission component replacement:

1. Document the new Transmission Unique Number (TUN) or Part Unique Number (PUN) as required. The TUN location may be found here: Transmission Identification Information. Since the TUN can be difficult to access when the transmission is installed in the vehicle, ensure you document the TUN prior to installing the transmission in the vehicle.

2. Log into TIS2Web/SPS.

3. Type the vehicle identification number (VIN).

4. Perform the SPS Transmission Control Module programming event.

  • Select "Transmission Control Module -Programming" to update TCM calibrations and Solenoid Characterization data.


  • Select "Transmission Control Module -MCVM Operations" to update Solenoid Characterization data only.

5. From the "MCVM (Mechanical Characterization and Virtual Matching) Operation Selection" screen, select the applicable service procedure to be performed. You will be prompted to provide the necessary TUN or PUN when replacing a transmission part. At this point, the system will read the VIN from the ECM using the multiple diagnostic interface (MDI) and then retrieve the applicable genealogy data tree from the cloud. This data tree accesses the original characterization data so that it may be updated with the new component information. The system acquires characterization data for the given TUN/PUN via the cloud and updates the genealogy tree. The TCM is updated with the correct solenoid characterization data, and the cloud is updated with the new genealogy relationship.

A basic diagnostic code list for the 8L90 transmission:

  • DTC P0601- P0604, P0606, P062F, P16F3, P16F4, or P16FB: Control Module Memory
  • DTC P0658 or P0659: Actuator High Control Circuit Group 1
  • DTC P0711- P0713: Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor
  • DTC P0716, P0717, P07BF, or P07CO: Input Speed Sensor
  • DTC P071A: Transmission Tow Mode Switch
  • DTC P0722, P0723, P077C, or P077D: Output Speed Sensor
  • DTC P0746 or P0747: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 1 Stuck
  • DTC P0776 or P0777: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 2
  • DTC P0796 or P0797: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 3 Stuck
  • DTC P0815, P0816, or P0826: Upshift/Downshift Switch
  • DTC P0851: Park/Neutral Position Switch
  • DTC P0960, P0962, or P0963: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 1
  • DTC P0964, P0966, or P0967: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 2
  • DTC P0968, P0970, or P0971: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 3
  • DTC P175F: Acceleration Sensor Signal Message Counter
  • DTC P1761: Up and Down Shift Switch Signal Message Counter
  • DTC P176B-P176D: Intermediate Speed Sensor
  • DTC P1824, P182D, P18B8, P18BD, or P18C2: Internal Mode Switch P Circuit
  • DTC P182A, P1838, P18B5, P18BA, or P18BF: Internal Mode Switch A
  • DTC P182B, P182C, P18B6, P18BB, or P18CO: Internal Mode Switch B
  • DTC P182E or P1915: Internal Mode Switch
  • DTC P182F, P1839, P18B7, P18BC, or P18C1: Internal Mode Switch C
  • DTC P1840, P1841, P18B9, P18BE, or P18C3: Internal Mode Switch S
  • DTC P2670 or P2671: Actuator High Control Circuit Group 2
  • DTC P2714 or P2715: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 4 Stuck
  • DTC P2718, P2720, or P2721: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 4
  • DTC P2723 or P2724: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 5
  • DTC P2727, P2729, or P2730: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 5
  • DTC P2736, P2738, or P2739: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 6
  • DTC P27A7-P27AD: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 1-7
  • DTC P2808 or P2809: Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) System Stuck
  • DTC P2812, P2814, or P2815: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 7
  • DTC P2817 or P2818: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 8 Stuck
  • DTC P281 D or P281 E: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 8
  • DTC P2824, P2826, or P2827: Transmission Control Solenoid Valve 9
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