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Knowing the right marketing numbers

Autoshop Solutions CEO educates owners on what to track now that they’re marketing online.
Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 07:00
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As shop owners and managers have become more aware of what they need to do to properly market their shop online, the need for information has shifted to properly measuring that marketing.

So in the last year, Danny Sanchez, CEO of Autoshop Solutions, developed a new class to address these needs. “The Numbers Don’t Lie” taught Automechanika Chicago attendees numbers and benchmarks they need to pay attention two when it comes to Internet marketing.

“When it comes to (your) Internet marketing and (your) numbers, it is entirely a numbers game,” Sanchez explains. “It is this much traffic equals this many phone calls. There is a direct relationship. … Making sure that you have traffic is one thing, quality traffic is another. You need to understand conversion points and how many conversations (you) should be making.”

Sanchez draws on his real-world experience be brings to the class, which is built largely on data and making sure benchmarks are illustrated clearly. He also has become very good at predicting trends, making his classes even more popular.

“I connect to my life experience in the shop environment,” he states. “I also understand the service advisor’s impact al the way to the technicians and how their jobs have become different.”

At the end of the course, Sanchez explained attendees would be able to review how their Internet marketing is performing and get a snapshot of what needs to change or what is working.

“You’ll know the numbers you need to achieve and have the tools to identify which pieces are not working and where to make changes, improvements or reach out to vendors,” he notes. “(You’ll) know the numbers that are driving (your) business and how you should continue to manage the business, how often to check (numbers) and communicate with web providers.”

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