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Classes still open for Automechanika Chicago

Training courses have plenty of space as the event draws near.
Friday, April 10, 2015 - 07:00
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What kinds of training are you looking for at Automechanika Chicago?  Whether it’s management or technical, transmission or drivability or anything in between, there is a class for you.

Plus, the classes themselves are free to attend. (Here’s info on how to register for Automechanika Chicago Presents Motor Age Training Live, the official name for these classes.)

You have time to register for the training, which is April 24-26 at McCormick Place West in Chicago. Let’s look at some of the classes coming up, keeping in mind this is just a few of the many offered.

Understanding Electronic Stability Controls Systems and Advanced Dynamic Driver Assist Programs and Its Affect on Your Wheel Alignment Business
Now that’s a long title, and there is nearly as much information packed into this class as words above. Chris Sobieski is presenting the course, sponsored by Snap-on Equipment.

The class will cover the importance of wheel alignment on todays vehicles and understanding the importance of restoring the vehicles dimensions and geometric angles to factory conditions so the dynamic driver assist programs perform as designed. Attendees will learn how to identify diagnostic fault codes related to chassis misalignment conditions and the effects of electronic stability control and electronic power steering. Sobieski also plans to look into how alignment service affects your business operation, wheel alignment profit potential, alignment inspections promotions and much more.

The Medium Duty Workshop
The program provides an in-depth look at Allison and Aisin 6 Speed transmission equipped trucks and the problems they present. The problems presented will be solved by diagnosis, updates and proven repair procedures and will help you better serve the medium-duty customers in your market. Peter Luban is leading this course, which TransTec by Corteco is sponsoring.

MACS Annual Update
Did you miss out on attending the Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide’s conference earlier this year? Don’t worry, Larry Turay will be on-hand to present the MACS Annual Update for Automechanika Chicago attendees.

As with all things automotive, the world of mobile air conditioning, heating and cooling systems is constantly presenting new challenges to both the technician and shop owner. The MACS Annual Update will bring you the latest information, tips and techniques you need to stay current and profitable.

MACS is the presenting sponsor.

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur & Multi-Auto Shop Owner & Operator
Have one location but looking to expand? Maybe you just want to see what you need to do in preparation for expansion several years down the road. Greg and Sherri Sands, who along with their partners own more than 90 repair shops in six states, in addition to other companies, have the information you need to know about money in the bank and options for you.

The course will explain real estate lessons and options to consider in deciding how to build a second, third or other location. The Sands also will explain the differences in the types of expansion, what your financial picture should look like and what succession plan should be in place for you.

Mudlick Mail is the class’ sponsor.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
In this brand new course, Autoshop Solutions CEO Danny Sanchez is taking previous lessons and moving them to the next level. So if you have implemented any of his lessons from past classes, consider learning here what the numbers you’re now seeing mean.

Sanchez will educate attendees on what the numbers and benchmarks are when it comes to Internet marketing and which ones they should pay close attention do. Like he has done in other classes, he has a knack of predicting trends, and this class looks to do just that for today’s owners.

Autoshop Solutions is this class’ sponsor.

Leveraging Your PC for the Automotive Service Professional
If you’re unsure of what to do with your computer, you’re by far not alone. Scott Brown, president of the International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN), is taking care of that, however, with this course for technicians. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet to the class to learn tips on how to integrate successfully a computer into your routines. He will draw on features iATN has, as well as other tricks.

Brown also will present iATN for Educators & Students, a unique look at what today’s educators can do to better educate the next generation of technicians. 

iATN also is sponsoring this class.

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