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Bartec unveils new TPMS tools at Automechanika Chicago

Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 07:00
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CHICAGO — Two new TPMS tools are moving from the Automechanika Chicago show floor and into your bays.

Bartec this weekend introduced the TPMS Pro Series, including the Tech 300 Pro and Tech 400 Pro.

Steve Donaldson, national sales manager, explained the Tech 300 Pro comes in two configurations, with the basic starting with no OBDII connection and the other with.

The main difference with both the 300 Pro and 400 Pro over the past 400 SD and 500 models is Bluetooth connectivity. Donaldson said on the 300 Pro, the Bluetooth makes the tool capable of completing audit reports and programming aftermarket sensors that program through radio sensors. It still utilizes the same test and flow patterns as the current Bartec tools.

He adds that the tools can connect into TPMS Desktop, a free program on the Bartec website. These tools can send data to the program, making Bluetooth an easy inclusion for ease of use.

There also is an upgrade kit that will make it a fully capable OBDII tool, able to clear codes. The Tech 300 Pro is set to replace the 400 SD at the same price point but with more features.

In addition, on both the 300 Pro and 400 Pro models, there is an additional fixture to make a hard connection for those TPMS sensors requiring one. Also, both models are set up similarly, with software able to determine if it is a 300 Pro or 400 Pro model.

The 400 Pro will replace the Tech 500 and comes with the OBDII connection. It also features WiFi connectivity so updates can be performed similar to how they are done on a smartphone.

Two other features of the 400 Pro are the placard changing and Passive Key Testing. For the first, Donaldson said if a technician is replacing tires at 55 psi on a truck with those at 80 psi, the placard will adjust the sensor.

The Passive Key Testing is for push button start vehicles, and is a basic test to see if the system is working on both the key and vehicle ends.  

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