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Price is top reason why Hispanic consumers buy auto parts, study says

Friday, November 11, 2016 - 08:00
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Lowest price moved ahead of recommendation as the most important influencer of auto parts buying habits of Hispanic consumers, according to the 2016 Aftermarket Business World Hispanic Consumer Attitude Study.

Lowest price was the most often selected reason when survey respondents were asked the top five reasons that they purchased a particular auto part or product. Following in second place was brand name and recommendation finished third.

This is a turnaround from last year’s Hispanic Consumer Attitude Study when recommendation was listed as the top reason that respondents bought an auto part or product. Brand name and lowest price finished second and third in the 2015 Hispanic Consumer Attitude Study.

In this year’s study, other influencers that were less important included performance claim/warranty, in-store display/packaging and coupon/rebate.

When Hispanic consumers were asked if they compared prices when shopping for a particular auto part or product, the responses were overwhelmingly yes, ranging from 87 percent yes for battery chargers to 68 percent yes for those purchasing auxiliary lighting.

Hispanic consumers prefer by a large margin to purchase auto parts and products at auto chains. Almost half purchased at auto chains for auxiliary lighting and battery chargers, while 71 percent said they bought batteries there. Discount stores finished a distant second as the primary purchase location. Other locations receiving mentions included independent auto stores, independent repair shops and dealerships.

Methodology: The Hispanic Consumer Attitude Study was fielded via email as a subset of the larger Aftermarket Business World Consumer Attitude Study. The Hispanic data are from 310 responses within 1,933 overall survey responses. The survey has a +/- 2.1 percent margin of error at the 95 percent confidence level.

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