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Auto technicians say quality is most important part attribute

Friday, April 22, 2016 - 07:00
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Auto technicians seek quality first when selecting parts to repair their customers’ vehicles, according to the 2016 Aftermarket Business World Technician Attitude Study. Quality was selected as the No. 1 attribute that technicians said they consider first when selecting parts in five out of six product categories.

Brand, performance and availability were the next most important characteristics, according to the survey. Finishing further down the list were price and warranty considerations.

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Technicians overwhelmingly agreed that they tend to purchase parts from auto parts retailers. That was the top source selected by techs in five out of six product categories in the study. Jobbers and warehouse distributors were the next most often selected parts suppliers.  They frequently were mentioned by techs as either their second or third choice as the go-to provider for purchasing parts. Other sources of parts selected by techs in the survey were dealerships, direct from the manufacturer and buying online.

When asked who their preferred supplier is, techs selected auto parts retailers first in four out of six product categories and second in the other two categories. Jobbers and warehouse distributors were most often selected either second or third.

Dealerships were the fourth most frequently preferred supplier. Techs who selected dealerships to purchase parts said they did so primarily for two reasons – OEM form, fit and function or because it was the only place the part was available. Other reasons receiving significant votes in that category were customer request and for the OEM brand name.

Methodology: The Aftermarket Business World 2016 Technician Attitude Study was fielded to readers of sister publication Motor Age via email. Study results are intended to show general industry trends, not statistical certainties.

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