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Having to rely on a tiebreaker

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 13:11
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I don’t care who you are, if you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you could be blindfolded, have the windows closed, the door taped shut and both ears covered by a noise-cancelling headset and still know there was trouble brewing on the other side of that barricaded office door!

You can hear it if you can’t see it, and you can feel it if you can’t hear it!

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Like the ripple in the Force they keep talking about in Star Wars, it exists and it is real. The air thickens and becomes almost still. The noise level drops a few decibels. Everyone’s movements and actions become more deliberate, more frenetic. And there is a sense of urgency and foreboding that draws you away from your desk and whatever it is you are doing and leads you outside to see exactly what the hell is going on!

At first, you are relieved; this isn’t bad at all! One of your people — someone you are “bringing inside,” training to be a lube tech — did exactly what you hoped and prayed they would do when confronted with an anomaly: they realized something wasn’t quite right and didn’t just keep going, they went for help!

You have to admit, in today’s world, that is as rare as it is gratifying!

What did they do that was so terrific?

Our software allows us to look up filter applications and embed them on the repair order, either pulling them from inventory or ordering them electronically through the web. Our trainee looked at the filter application he’d been given and then looked at the vehicle and realized that while the oil filters were manufactured by the same company, the numbers were different. And, that difference sparked a ripple in the Force and a flurry of activity.

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