AMBW Special Reports

  • When selling specialty automotive parts, retailers more often reach for national brand products than their white box counterparts.
  • Dealerships may have reservations about aftermarket parts quality, but their cost rescues the market from lagging sales.
  • The 2011 Aftermarket Business World Consumer Attitude Study.
  • Monitoring the prices being charged by competitors and ensuring that you?ve stocked a large selection with varied price points can accelerate sales of brake-related products.
  • A correct diagnosis of the actual problem is a necessary first step prior to any sale being made because the culprit may not even be attributable to the starter or alternator.
  • Consumers who visit service franchises are not taking a gamble on just any aftermarket parts for purchase — they are turning to technician and owner recommendations to ensure the products used on their vehicle are a sure bet
  • Though quality may be a concern, dealerships are most often drawn to purchase aftermarket parts for use in their service bays because of their cheaper price tag.
  • Leaving the days of the recession behind, the top aftermarket automotive retail chains report sales have stabilized and business is good.
  • Oxygen sensors have apparently become a routine replacement item among do-it-yourselfers armed with scanning tools.
  • Tire dealers in the aftermarket are used for much more than that — vehicles brought into their shop often return more work than customers originally anticipated.
  • There are two words that are practically synonymous in today's automotive aftermarket: technicians and training.
  • The evidence supporting the prominence of women as savvy aftermarket consumers is overwhelming, especially when it comes to performing their own routine maintenance on automobiles.
  • This well-read survey analyzes 29 product categories as reported from the national chains. The report (published in April 2002) includes analysis of 2001 sales performance, gross margins, annual turns, national brands carried.
  • This is one of the longest running, most comprehensive aftermarket reports covering today's DIYers.
  • From increases in store locations to improving technology and consumer appeal, the automotive aftermarket moved through 2006 with new ideas to better serve its customer base.
  • This year's second annual State of the Industry report takes an exhaustive look at the year ahead for every segment of the aftermarket.
    Aftermarket World Auto Parts Distribution
  • Take a look at our 30th Annual Do-It-Yourself survey.
    Aftermarket World Auto Parts Distribution
  • Consumers looking to purchase starters/alternators are basing their decisions on price and proximity.
  • An expanded array of windshield wiper offerings has created competition in regard to value-added versus price-sensitive lines.
  • The literal sales call has yet to be replaced by newer, more technologically savvy sales methods, and is a main factor in keeping profits and business alive among program group sales teams.