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Food for thought

Friday, February 17, 2012 - 01:00

In one instance, lunch was delivered. It was delicious, it was deeply appreciated and it arrived on time. However, I’m not sure that either the company or the outside sales representative who provided that meal received the same benefit they might have enjoyed had someone accompanied the food and remained at the shop to share it with us.

In the second instance, the rep asked us what we would like to eat and who we would like to order it from and then presented us with a gift certificate. A nice gesture, certainly. And I am sure that everyone will enjoy the food we bring in. But, where is the powerful and positive sociological or psychological benefit normally associated with sharing a meal?

The third vendor told us they would like to treat us to lunch. All we had to do was order it, pay for it, eat it and then present them with the bill. Realistically, I’m not sure this will ever happen. It is almost certain to result in the antithesis of the desired result!

So, let me share a little food with you — a little food for thought. If you are thinking about providing food for some of your clients, think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Think about the desired result and the difference sharing can make — sharing the food, sharing the experience, actually sharing in the lives of your clients and customers.

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