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Why your IT department won’t help you in the next cyber attack

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 07:00
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That leads us to the next problem. Company management needs to be involved at the strategy and policy level to accomplish these goals. Management at the executive level needs to show their seriousness about cybercrime and enforce these policies.

In a bank, there is a basic rule that you never leave without counting your cash drawer. Seems simple doesn’t it? I can assure you that the bank has corporate policies spelling this out. That is because banks learned a long time ago how to keep their money safe and secure. In the cybersecurity realm we are still learning how to keep our data safe.

The consequences

There are many scare stories in the cybersecurity industry and I usually try to avoid too much of the hyperbole. But there is one statistic that should be of note. The automotive aftermarket industry is deeply imbedded in a very sophisticated supply chain. Those relationships are essential to success in this business. But unfortunately, the threat to your supply chain is a real and growing problem.

The Gartner Group is the leading researcher for IT trends, and they said, “by 2018 50 percent of organizations in supply chain relationships will use the effectiveness of their counterpart’s security policy to assess risks in continuing relationships up from 5 percent in 2015.”  Let me get into this a bit. They are talking about existing supply chain relationships, so if your company is not properly addressing its own cybersecurity it could potentially be a threat to supply chain partners you already have, not to mention getting new partners. Also notice they did not say counterparts cybersecurity, they said cybersecurity policy because this is the part of cybersecurity that is the most deficient.

There are between 30 and 100 computers in the average automobile today, and many readers work with many of these components. That number is going to grow. The modern automobile is an engineering and computing marvel. But don’t forget about your internal cybersecurity posture. It behooves everybody in the industry to understand the implications of working within your existing cybersecurity infrastructure and to bring it up to date and keep it updated moving forward. It can be done quickly.

If you do not have the help inside your company then seek outside assistance. I have seen what can happen to a company after a breach occurs and it can be devastating. I will leave you with one final thought I have used many times when dealing with corporate management, “there is no problem facing corporate America, that is more serious, more widespread and more fixable than cybersecurity.”

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