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The true cost of cyber attacks in the automotive aftermarket

Friday, May 29, 2015 - 07:00
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Recently there were a number of cyber attacks that affected many of the servers in our industry.  Sometimes I think we consider ourselves unlikely to be affected because we don’t have customer credit card numbers on file or any critical information stored where someone can get to it.

Personally I had my Starbucks account hacked through Facebook. I caught it before any real damage was done financially. The clown that did it left his email address in my account so before I had Starbucks change it I sent him an email with a virus that some other clown sent me about a thousand times. It was probably a fake email address but it made me feel better.

So the question that I want to pose for you to think about is what is the true cost of this cyber hassle?

Back to my Starbucks account. It took me more than four months to get my account to the point that I could reload my card without the assistance of a barista. I had to call their customer service three times and they could not find a problem at the level 1 support level. Finally after the third call the customer service rep pushed my problem to someone with higher security clearance into my account.  Total time for the calls exceeded one hour, not to mention the multiple times I tried to call but could not get through before another phone rang in the office.

It might seem like my coffee habit has nothing to do with cyber security or customer service but in my highly caffeinated state I think that it does. These seemingly small annoyances have costs far beyond the potential financial loss of the fraudulent transaction.

My relationship with Starbucks is not as warm and fuzzy as it used to be because they did not have the security through Facebook to differentiate between someone being me or a hacker, despite my credit card being attached to the account. Also, it is frustrating to be the customer and feel that you have more of a handle on the problem than the customer service rep does. 

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