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Parts professionals need intuitive phone skills

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 07:00
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The telephone must be one of the devil’s best inventions. It’s a true necessary evil if ever there was such a thing. After almost three decades of juggling phones, I’ve mastered taming the demon device.

As good as I’ve gotten, my customers have pretty much remained the same, or should I say categorically the same. Enjoy reading these phone calls that I’ve received over the years. They are too absurd to make up.

I was calling – Duh

This is probably the most common of all initial responses from our customers after we answer the phone. It goes like this, “Yes, I was calling and, uhhh…” Every time I hear this, I can’t keep myself from a slight snort-laugh. For years and years, I’ve always wanted to reply, “Is that the reason my phone was ringing?”

Pete and repeat

Me: “Wholesale Parts and Service, this is Mark.”

Caller: “Is this Wholesale Parts and Service?”

Me: “Yes, how can I help you?”

Caller: “Can I speak to Mark?”

Information directory

Me: “Wholesale Parts and Service, this is Mark.”

Caller: “ Yes, umm, hey, would you guys know the phone number for Autozone?”

Me: (long silent pause) “You do know this is Wholesale Parts and Service, right?”

Caller: “Yes I do. I need to call Autozone to see if they’ll price match you guys.”

Me: “Oh, I see, well, in that case, let’s both hang up, and you call the same number you just called, I’ll answer the phone “Auto Zone,” and give you the same exact price.”

Caller: “Umm, wouldn’t I just be calling you back?”

Me: “Yes, but fortunately, we phone-number match. It’s a new concept.”

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