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Are you growing or maintaining your business?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 09:00
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Sometimes in the heat of the day it is hard to understand if you are growing or maintaining your business. Sometimes the difference between growing and maintaining is often a thin line as you work through the daily struggles. Have you ever asked yourself if you worked on your business or did you work in your business today? Again, in some cases, it’s a thin line.

I have talked about setting goals, establishing best practices and training the last couple of articles, so now it’s time for an article about regrouping.

As you look back through the year, were you able to make progress in your business? I’m not talking about dollars and cents. I hope everybody made more money in 2016 than in 2015. I’m talking about progress in your business. Do you feel more comfortable about your success or were you stressed all year long hoping you would exceed your 2015 sales figure?

If you stressed, what was it about? Your cycle time? The insurance company scorecards? Aging technicians? Industry changes? If those were some of your stressors, you are not alone. Those concerns are common throughout the collision industry.

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So back to my original question. Did you grow last year or just maintain your business? I ask that because even though some see a thin line, others are not aware there is a difference. They were busy all year; they made a little more money so they must have grown their business. However, that might not necessarily be true. Don’t confuse being busy and possibly making money, with growth. I will give you my thoughts to define my idea of the difference between growth and maintenance.

When you are maintaining your business, you are reactionary in most cases dealing with things as they occur. When you are growing your business, you are pro-active, preparing for industry changes and developing processes to eliminate reactionary, busy activity. If you are just getting by, reacting to what the day brings you, there isn’t much left to prepare for your future or grow.

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