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Automated cutting systems assist in installing paint protection film
Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 07:00
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“The first scratch hurts the most” when a vehicle owner views a marred paint finish, according to the Eastman Chemical Co., which manufactures LLumar Paint Protection Film (PPF) and other products such as window films.

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Authorized dealers and installers are provided with a series of classes that include Paint Protection Film Installation Training and Automotive Window Film Installation Training.

“Our training courses offer basic installation procedures in a focused, instructional environment,” reports Mark Gershenson, an Eastman global brand management director who oversees the company’s LLumar automotive unit.

“A combination of oral presentations, hands-on-demonstrations and extensive individual practice sessions are included in each course,” he says. “As a student in training, you’ll exchange the latest ‘tricks of the trade.’ And you should come away from any course with a solid understanding in fundamentals of product installation as well as a keen awareness of product performance characteristics.”

Gershenson describes the LLumar PrecisionCut System as an “all-in-one source for automated cutting.”

Offered as a turnkey package, LLumar PrecisionCut is a proprietary system for digitally imaging and cutting patterns along with the ability to cut custom decorative graphics. It comes with “everything you need to get started,” including a computer, plotter, software, patterns, training and technical support. Components are also sold separately.

“It is easy to learn how to use the system,” according to Gershenson. “Our technical support staff will offer training on setup and operations and will provide online technical support when you need it. With a few days of practice, you will master the basic operations and be ready to explore the extensive capabilities for the advanced user. Should you encounter a problem, we can log on to your system (with your permission) and help you troubleshoot and resolve any and all issues,” he explains.

“Our database of patterns is vast and ever-expanding as new car models are introduced,” says Gershenson. “We also have the ability to help you develop a unique pattern database for your market. Software and pattern updates can be downloaded so you always have the latest content.”

Using the program reduces installation time and difficulty, he said.

“Most installers agree that learning to cut patterns is both difficult and time-consuming,” Gershenson says. “With our system, you can become proficient in no time at all – helping to reduce labor and training costs while increasing productivity. Our system can also reduce film waste that can impact your profit margin.”

When film is cut on the plotter vs. hand-cutting, waste is significantly reduced. “The system is designed to maximize the use of your film and keep track of inventory – further enhancing your bottom line.”

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