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Vendor Newsmaker Q&A Chad Zani

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 07:00
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As national franchising manager at the Detail Garage chain, Chad Zani assists franchisees in preparing educational events and marketing initiatives aimed at promoting car care products from parent-company Chemical Guys, a California-based global supplier selling into more than 60 nations.

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Responding to questions posed by Aftermarket Business World, Zani recently described what it takes to professionally detail a customer’s car.

Q: How much should a detailer charge for a complete detail?

A: Prices will vary depending on the job. It is always important to explain to your customer what the services available are. A wash followed by a clay and polish has a countrywide average between $140-$220 for a retail client, and $75-$105 for a wholesale detail for a high-volume used-car dealer. Be prepared to charge a lot more depending on the condition of the paint and the amount of time required. If the final steps require a sealant or a high-gloss paste wax the prices will be much higher.

Q. How often should a car be detailed?

A. Many of our clients detail their car every weekend. We recommend that a vehicle be detailed at least three times per year due to the harsh outdoor elements.

Q. What makes a Detail Garage franchise a viable investment? What makes it unique?

A. There are many reasons I feel our opportunity is unique, but keeping it to three simple points:

1. Our brands, such as Chemical Guys, Smartwax, Torq, Hex-Logic and other exclusive products and accessories, have a massive online following and globally growing fan base.

2. Our affordable franchise fee and retail concept are designed to generate a higher return-on-investment.

3. Our “family” based values and teamwork.

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