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Technology Newsmaker Q&A Kelly Frey

Monday, December 19, 2016 - 09:00
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Kelly Frey is the vice president of marketing for Telogis, a Verizon subsidiary that offers fleet monitoring and management solutions. Frey spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the advantages of fleet management systems and how they can affect vehicle maintenance.

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How can fleet solutions help extend the life of a fleet of vehicles?

Fleet solutions can identify maintenance requirements automatically from a direct engine connection allowing fleets to be much more proactive or predictive in determining critical or scheduled maintenance requirements.  The immediacy and accessibility of this data allows decisions to be made much quicker and costly breakdowns to be avoided – effectively extending the life of their fleet vehicles.  

What types of driver behaviors do your customers typically monitor? 

Our customers typically monitor driver behaviors that affect safety, cost efficiency and productivity. Critical safety KPI's may include speeding events, hard braking events, tire pressures, seat belt usage and increasingly things such as following too close or lane departures without signaling. Cost efficiency KPIs monitored may include MPGs, unproductive idle, harsh acceleration and unplanned miles using planned-vs.-actual reporting. Productivity KPIs will typically include jobs per day or revenue per mile or cartons per day depending upon the industry and work process being monitored.

Are your customers able to share data with third-party vehicle repair providers?

Telogis offers a solution called Telogis Maintenance Connect with partners such as Ford that provides for real-time collection of diagnostic information as well as severity determination and a configurable workflow to alert back-office staff and preferred maintenance providers of an impending service need. The maintenance provider can be internal or external to the organization.

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