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Bosch filters designed to go the distance

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 14:55
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Many folks find taking a road trip more fun than coping with the hassle of air travel. Long lines at airport check-in counters, intrusive safety measures and unpredictable flight cancellations can try anyone’s patience. On the other hand, if you elect to drive to your vacation or holiday destination, it’s crucial that you take the time to check your car before you put it to the test.

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“While you should certainly check tires, battery, wipers and fluids, one of the most important items that keeps a car’s engine going strong is a regular oil and filter change,” says Chuck Kerrigan, Director Regional Business Unit Leader North America for Filtration Americas, Bosch’s business arm that supplies filtration products to the North American aftermarket.

“Clean, filtered oil lubricating the engine and its components will ensure smooth and efficient operation for thousands of miles. And, if you are also looking for driving performance, go a step further and choose a high performance oil filter http://products.searchautoparts.com/directory/filters-browse- 42.aspx so your car will perform at its best on the long journey,” Kerrigan says.

According to Kerrigan, a ‘high performance’ oil filter such as the Bosch DistancePlus™ is specially engineered to pay additional dividends. The more advanced materials and technology used in the construction of this filter offers greater ability to keep the engine performing efficiently over a long period of time. The Bosch DistancePlus high performance oil filter keeps oil extraordinarily clean, protects the engine against harmful contaminants and prevents engine wear. Furthermore, it works with any brand of synthetic and conventional motor oil.

Essentially, an oil filter keeps dirt from harming an engine. Dirt, an engine’s most virulent enemy, can enter the engine through the intake and damage its internal components. So, what makes a good quality filter, Kerrigan said, is its “efficiency in capturing the dirt and its capacity to hold the debris.” Since there is no way for a driver to know that the filter is clogged, it’s vital that it has a large enough capacity to supply clean oil to the engine for as long as possible.

Bosch DistancePlus offers 99.9 percent efficiency in removing dirt from the oil and a 300 percent greater capacity to hold it than many other filters. In the case of some Bosch oil filters, this translates into a capacity of 29.1 grams of contaminants – almost four times that of an economy filter.

Other features of Bosch DistancePlus high performance oil filters include a pressure relief valve to prevent oil restriction and ensure proper oil flow, and a silicone anti- drainback valve to protect against dry starts – it also lasts longer than Nitrile valves. A heavy gauge steel base plate and a heavy gauge case provide durability while a spiral-wound center tube reinforces internal strength.

“Improving performance through sophisticated engineering has been key for Bosch in the automotive industry for more than 125 years,” Kerrigan said, “and high performance technology products such as the DistancePlus oil filter, is part of that history of innovation.”

The Bosch DistancePlus high performance oil filter is available in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Bosch is a proud supporter of the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association’s Know Your Parts® education and awareness campaign. This initiative promotes the importance of quality brand name aftermarket parts backed by full service suppliers, and its impact on delivering reliable products to today’s motorists.

For more information visit: www.AASAKnowYourParts.org.

For more information, visit www.boschusa.com.


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