• In January the organization released its More American Than Ever 2014-2015 contributions report detailing the continued growth and involvement of Japanese-branded autos in the U.S., covering production, investment, jobs, sales, exports and alternative-powered/environmentally friendly vehicles while offering a window into the increasing U.S. presence of Japanese autos.
    Ron Bookbinder
  • Foresight Research published the results of its Channel Immersion and Perspective Study (CHIPS), which includes data on automotive accessories. Previous accessory sales research has shown that while customer spend on accessories is increasing, dealerships have only recently targeted the market as a potential source of new revenues.
    Nancy Walter
  • UPS has one of the largest private fleets of compressed natural gas vehicles in the U.S., with more than 1,100 CNG package delivery vehicles on the road. The company recently announced that it is increasing its CNG fleet by 1,400 units, which is a 30 percent increase of UPS’ entire fleet of 5,088 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.
    Mike Casteel
  • C.J Clayton, national sales manager for DCM Manufacturing’s Maradyne High Performance Fans division, answered a series of questions for Aftermarket Business World about electric cooling fans.
    C.J Clayton
  • After a $500,000 expansion that added a new dedicated quick service building (along with new tablet computers for service advisors and buzzers for customers), Texas-based Greg May Honda saw a 9 percent increase in customer pay repair orders in three months and a jump in customer satisfaction scores of 4 percentage points.
    Greg May
  • Crown Point Honda of Southpoint in Durham, N.C., offers a unique after-hours service guarantee. The dealership allows customers to drop off vehicles for routine service as late as 9 p.m. during the week and pick up their vehicles the next day by 7 a.m., or the service is free.
    Scott Washle
  • In 2014 the full-service Motorcars automotive network established its Motorcars Mobility Sales & Service center to accommodate the needs of disabled drivers requiring specialized vehicles, repairs and maintenance. General Manager Ken Rainey recently answered a series of questions about the conversion process and how the marketing mix was implemented.
    Ken Rainey
  • Although the exact scope of the international marketplace for paint protection films (PPF) remains unclear, Wall Street analysts are bullish on the category’s overall global prospects.
    Greg Duchinsky
  • Although a tentative agreement has been reached to settle a slowdown at 29 U.S. West Coast shipping ports, UPS is projecting that it will take up to five months before wharf operations return to normal levels.
    Ioana Mazare, UPS
  • Automotive marketing firm DMEautomotive has released an analysis of overflow and after-hours service calls at 172 dealerships that found service departments were missing out on significant customer opportunities by mishandling these calls.
    Mike Martinez
  • Offered as a turnkey package, LLumar PrecisionCut is a proprietary system for digitally imaging and cutting patterns along with the ability to cut custom decorative graphics.
    Mark Gershenson
  • Zan Childress was recently named the parts and service manager at Choice Automotive Group, a used car, truck and SUV dealer in Valdosta, Ga.
    Zan Childress
  • An expert in U.S.-Cuba relations, Jake Colvin is vice president of global trade issues at the National Foreign Trade Council in Washington, D.C. and executive director of the NFTC’s Global Innovation Forum. He answered these questions about Cuba asked by Aftermarket Business World.
    Jake Colvin
  • Engineered to softly close a car door and compatible with all vehicle makes and models, SLAMSTOP is rolling out into the U.S. and seeking distributors and installers to carry the product. 
    Dmitry Iurgens
  • Behzad Rassuli, vice president of market intelligence at the Auto Care Association, spoke to us about the association's future market research plans related to E-tailing and other initiatives.
    Behzad Rassuli
  • Timken's Demand Insight leverages sales and industry data to improve forecasts and reduce costs. Timken's catalog team matches parts and vehicles, and combines that information with vehicle registration and replacement/failure rates, along with internal sales data.
    Tom Muck
  • Arfa Syed, digital and social media manager at the Auto Care Association, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the use of social media in the aftermarket.
    Arfa Syed
  • Last year, Launch Tech USA announced a new real-time telematics platform called GOLO. The OBDII dongle, combined with a new LAUNCH Android-based scan tool tablet and mobile app for vehicle owners, would allow shops to provide an aftermarket connected vehicle platform to their customers that allows advanced, remote diagnostics.
    Harlan Siegel
  • DD Technologies is aiming for a spring roll out of its Iris aftermarket add-on heads-up display unit, which will mount inside the car near the sun visor and retail for $499.
    Dallas La Porta
  • Steven Sturm, category development for autos at AOL Advertising, spoke to Aftermarket Business World about the implications of connected vehicles.
    Steven Sturm